Chemical pump installation requirements

by:J&T     2020-06-19
Chemical pump is a general designation of the pump used in various chemical field, the type of chemical water pump installation method is also different, users in the use of chemical pump, the limitation of site conditions of use, the set of chemical pump is different also, here is indoor, outdoor, half open layout requirements: 1, indoor arrangement: indoor decorate pump suitable for cold or sandstorm area, as well as craft places with special requirements. 2, open layout: generally focuses pump arrangement or side at the bottom of the pipe rack, also can decorate in near by suction equipment, the main advantage is well ventilated, operation convenience and heap. If pump arrangement under the pipe rack, the center line of the pump discharge should be aligned, is apart from the pipe centerline corridor column 0. 6m。 3 and a half, half open layout: outdoor layout pump suitable for rainy area, general arrangement of pump at the bottom of the pipe rack, on the upper pipe roof. Or will water pump arrangement under the framework of the ground, with framework platform as the ceiling. According to the requirements of the pump arrangement, will pump arrangement in single row and double row or multiple rows. The layout of all chemical pump note 1, for indoor decorate pump, when the liquid temperature is higher than spontaneous combustion point or transportation liquid for liquid hydrocarbon, should decorate in their own separate from other pump room, and use a firewall. decorated indoors, generally do not consider motor repair vehicle traffic demand. or pump clear distance between side wall and should not be less than 1. 2 to 1. 5 m, clear distance between two rows of pump should not be less than 2 m. 2, to open or half open layout pump, pump generally perpendicular to the axis of the prime mover and the utility tunnel axis. Want to order 3, pump group, recommend make even with the center line of the pump's export. Vertical pump arrangement under the pipe rack or under the framework, the above should be set aside the space required for the pump body installation and maintenance. 4, electrical professional and craft or arrangement should be coordinated in a timely manner, in May, the pump motor parts should not explosion-proof zone, as far as possible to save investment. should be as close to feed liquid equipment, prevent the NPSHa is smaller. 5, layout of equipment on the location dimension to the axis of the pump unit and outlet flange centerline as a benchmark. Equipment under unified to the base of the pump to the elevation of the surface ( Based the top surface of the pump) Elevation. Note: the professional engineering company system to calculate the NPSHa is based on the pump top surface, not import the centerline elevation of pump. While the NPSHr of pump factory is subject to a import the centerline of the pump and pump at the center of the high variety of centrifugal pump pipe road layout, both sides of the pump set aside at least one side to do maintenance. 6 and the distance between the installation of the pump: the clear distance between the two pump should not be less than 700 mm, pump front operation channel width should be not less than 1000 mm, the multi-stage pump, pump front end access channel width should not be less than 1800 mm. The front end of the general pump maintenance channel width should not be less than 1250 mm, so that small forklift through.
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