Chemical pump installation, flat pad and the use of spring washers

by:J&T     2020-06-28
Chemical water pump is widely used for the installation of the chemical water pump what notice requirements, such as uneven foundation can choose gasket, the chemical composition of the water water pump, need not to need gaskets, gasket flat mat and play what role, how to use? Finish see below, help to you: a, when using flat mat, when to use ball pad: in general, the load is small, and not under vibration load can be used only under the condition of flat mat; The load is bigger, and vibration under load conditions, must be combined with flat mat, play mat; Spring washer is basically not used alone, are the combination. Second, the function of ball pad 1, spring washer is tighten nut, spring washer and nut to a stretch, nut, so that it is not easy to fall off. Spring is the basic function of after nut tighten nut to a force, increase the friction between the nut and bolt. 2, flat washer is generally used in fitting a soft texture, is a hard and brittle, its role is largely increase the contact area, dispersing pressure, prevent the quality of a material soft crush. 3, with elastic cushion generally need not flat mat, ( In addition to protecting the fasteners and when installing the surface to consider using a flat pad with spring washers) 。 Second, the role of the flat mat 1, increase the contact area of the screw and machine, but more often are used as a supplementary mat or flat mat. 2, eliminate the trampoline at the time of discharge screw damage on the surface of the machine. Must be: when using a flat pad, spring pad flat pad close to the surface of the machine, spring cushion between the plain washers and nuts. Flat pad is in order to increase the screw surface. Spring pad to prevent screw loosening, force when a certain amount of buffering effect. Although flat mat can do sacrifice pad.
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