Chemical pump cooling water pipe pressure system design requirements

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Chemical pump with chemical centrifugal pump, magnetic pump, such as various type water pump, cooling water system usually cool in the chemical centrifugal pump, magnetic drive pump is generally not need cooling water. Cooling water pump do you need, which parts need to cooling, cooling water consumption, the medium and temperature, the pump type and so on, the following are the general design idea and basic methods, specific application should be to the actual working condition of the pump parameters and determine the water pump factory experience. A, cooling water piping system arrangement unless otherwise specified, cooling water piping system and every one of main pipe shall be set up necessary inlet valve and outlet valve, and each cooling water outlet pipe flow should be set up on the lens. Cooling water piping arrangement shall comply with the provisions of the table, the seller should clear when technology offer cooling water piping system. Second, the cooling water piping system design conditions 3, selection of water pump cooling water piping plan 1. Medium temperature is below 120 ℃, usually do not set up a special cooling system, use itself more medium for lubrication and cooling, for easy crystallization or medium containing particles should be equipped with seal face flushing pipeline ( When the design with interface) 。 2. Medium temperature higher than 300 ℃, not only need cooling pump head part, suspension bearing room should be equipped with cooling system, pump structure as the center supporting form, general use a metal bellows mechanical seal type, but the price is high ( The price is PuTongJi seal more than 10 times) 。 3. When conveying crystallizable liquid, consideration should be given to mechanical seal set for liquid ( Such as water, steam, etc. ) For cooling, 淬火) Sealed cavity, and the solid in atmospheric side accumulation; High conveying saturated steam of the liquid ( Such as liquefied petroleum gas, liquid ammonia, etc. ) , consideration should be given to a mechanical seal set for fluid ( Such as 40 ℃ hot water, steam, etc. ) Heating ( 淬火) , in order to prevent the liquid gas or liquid ammonia pressure drop due to vaporization and ice, and prevent the auxiliary seal harden crisp, lose the sealing function. D in the table was used in cooling water piping system. 4. When the medium temperature higher than 120 ℃, should consider whether you need to bearing box for cooling, cooling water piping system adopts the plan A and K in the table. 5. Medium temperature higher than 120 ℃, the suitable for sealing liquid ( Or buffer) For cooling, Metal bellows seal except) To lower the temperature of the seal chamber, improve the sealing conditions, prolong its service life. Cooling water piping system used in the table plan K and M. Four, the cooling water consumption of the pump factory of numerical shall prevail, estimates may refer to the following experience: 1. Cooling water consumption of 0 ~ 1 small pump. 5 m3 / h, the pump 0 ~ 3 m3 / h. 2. For the pump pressure lubrication system of great value. 3. To empty the water-cooled motor, cooling water consumption is bigger, 10 ~ 50 m3 / h. 4. Motor usually use air cooling, only when the power is larger, Such as greater than 2000 kw) Appropriate water and were at the scene to consider using empty water-cooled motor. 5. For pump turbine, the cooling water is mainly used for oil cooler, etc.
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