Chemical pump bearing removal method is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Chemical water pump operation use, bearing is indispensable mechanical transmission, bearing in a long period of time after the operation, maintenance or damage replacement is inevitable demand. Bearing in the late use is likely to happen a certain amount of wear and tear, in this case if the remove method is undeserved, unreasonable external forces applied, is likely to lead to break bearing metal pieces splash at risk. It is strongly recommended that in the bearing removal operation with a protective blanket cover to ensure safe operation. Correct, cylindrical shaft bearing removal without tools to use. For small size of the bearing, the conventional tools is drawing. Drawing machine is divided into two claws and two, three jaw with thread and hydraulic pressure. Thread drawing is the traditional tools and its operation is the center of the aim the center screw shaft hole, apply a small amount of grease lubrication in the center of the shaft hole, will hang up a grappling hook in the bearing inner ring end face, using a wrench can pull out bearing torsional center pole. Hydraulic drawing hydraulic device is adopted instead of screw thread, the pressure in the middle of the piston out, when bearing will constantly be pulled out, than the traditional thread drawing device can quickly back more quickly and hydraulic equipment. Mobile device when the bearing size increasing, needed for the removal of bearing force also increase, the general drawing not applicable, need to design special tooling for disassembly. According to bearing installation force needed to overcome the interference fit in forecast, remove the smaller force when remove the strength is too big to use common methods to dismantle, and remove the force produced by conventional methods are likely to damage the bearing, usually at the end of the shaft design an oil hole, oil Kong Yanshen to bearing radial penetration to the shaft surface again, and add a ring groove, use the hydraulic pump when removed from the shaft end pressure make the inner ring expansion, reduce disassembly force. When bearing size is too large, the pure hard drawing type is unable to remove the heating will need to use the remove method. Need to prepare a complete tool before operation, such as jacks, height gauge, spreader, and so on. Heat sealed, operation method is the coil winding to directly to the inner ring of the rolling road to heat expansion, make the bearing easily removed. Separable cylindrical roller bearing applies the same heating method. This method can remove the bearing without damage. Second, the cone axis due to the end of the cone bearing inner ring two area is significantly different, usually for bearing inner ring end face to remove heat. Use flexible coil medium frequency induction heater, and by rapid heating bearing inner ring enough temperature difference of the shaft and the bearing inner ring is removed. Because of the cone bearing used in pairs, removed after an inner ring, another inner ring can be exposed to heat. If the bearing inner ring configuration in the big end in not heating position, you have to keep frame damage, remove the roller, the inner ring ontology exposed, directly to the coil in the roll channel to heat. If bearing need to use again after removal, remove the applied force is absolutely can't pass through the rolling element. To separate the bearing, and roller cage components together of bearing ring can be separated from the other bearing ring sealed. And removing the separation type bearing, should put in clearance fit bearing ring off, remove the interference fit bearing, needs, according to its type, size, and cooperate way, using different tools. 1, cold removing discharge smaller bearings, through appropriate punch, gently tap the side of the bearing ring with to be removed from the shaft for a better approach is to use mechanical drawing. Pull catch should be on the inner ring or adjacent components. If the shoulder and shoulder bearing hole reserved capacity of pull extractor to grasp grooves, can simplify the disassembly process. In addition, some of the location of the hole in the shoulder, threaded holes for the bearing cap bolts. Large and medium-sized bearing force than usually required for machine tools can provide more. Therefore, it is recommended to use hydraulic power tools or filling method, or both. This means that you need oil hole and the groove is designed on the shaft. 2, heat remove remove the needle roller bearing or NU, NJ, and NUP type cylindrical roller bearing inner ring, suit to use heat removal methods. Commonly used tools for heating: the heating ring and adjustable induction heater. Heating ring is often used to install and remove with the same size of small and medium-sized bearing inner ring. Heating ring made of light alloy. Heating ring with the radial slot, and equipped with electrical insulating handle. If often remove the different diameter of inner ring, it is recommended to use adjustable induction heater. The heater can be quickly heated inner ring, and doesn't make the shaft gets hot. Remove the large cylindrical roller bearing inner ring, you can use some special type induction heater.
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