Chemical pump assembly and maintenance items

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Chemical pump is generally referred to as the industrial pump, chemical pump with centrifugal pump, magnetic pump, slurry pump, circulating pump, chemical pump which need to pay attention to during assembly, the operation of how to repair it, and so on problems that need to know. Look at the below chemical pump this knowledge! A, chemical pump assembly should pay attention to what issues? 1, the center line of the pump impeller passage, and whether the center line of the spiral flow of; 2, gap adjustment between bearing and end cover; Sealing part clearance adjustment; 3, motor drive system with variable ( ) increase and decrease Speed device assembly is in accordance with the standards; Whether the pump shaft bending, deformation; The rotor balance status conformed to the standard; 4, the clearance between the impeller and the pump shell; Mechanical seal cushion compensation mechanism of the amount of compression is achieved; 5, the concentricity of the pump rotor and the volute; Coupling of the coaxial degree of alignment; 6, mouth ring gap whether accord with a standard; By force of joint bolt. Second, the machine what is the cause of the pump power consumption is too big? 1, the total head and pump lift discrepancy; The medium density, viscosity didn't agree with the original design; 2, pump shaft axis and prime mover inconsistent or curved; Rotational part and fixed part friction; 3, impeller mouth ring wear; Improper seal or mechanical seal installation. Three, rotor imbalance causes have? 1, manufacturing error: material density uneven, not alignment, roundness, uneven heat treatment; 2, the assembly is not correct: center line of the assembly parts and the axis of coaxial; 3, rotor distortion: uneven wear, axis deformation under operation and temperature. Four, what is a dynamic unbalance rotor? There is equal, in the opposite direction, unbalanced particle integrated into two couple is not a day line of the rotor. What is the purpose of the five, pump maintenance? Asked what? Objective: through to the pump repair, eliminate problems after long time running. Requirements are as follows: 1, eliminate, adjust the pump internal cause larger gap of the wear and corrosion; 2, remove dirt, dirt, rust inside pump; 3, does not meet the requirements of or defective parts repair or replacement; The rotor balance experiment examination qualified; 4, test pump and drive alignment and conform to the standard; Test qualified, complete information, reach requirements of processing. Six, how to prevent in the process of operation time, cavitation phenomenon appear? Time: memory of gas and liquid pump, the pump can't work, flow and pressure tends to zero. Cavitation: occurred within the pump in operation, from the medium inside the pump, flow and pressure change and drop, a hydraulic impact. To water pump usually refers to a kind of cavitation occurs in the pump, because of the installation technology pipeline leak, inhalation of gases time few, most are caused by operation and process changes. In the process of operation, process and operation conditions should be stable, operating temperature YiQu lower limit, lower limit pressure YiQu, to avoid or control the occurrence of cavitation phenomenon, in the operation of water pump flow wants moderate, minimize the change of pressure and temperature appear larger. Reserved should prevent gas in the pump suction pipe, the standby pump suction to the inlet pressure is negative pressure should be closed.
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