Chemical pipeline pump structure performance analysis

by:J&T     2020-06-19
Chemical pipeline pump is a kind of vertical structure type pump, its basic structure is composed of six parts, respectively is the impeller, pipe pump body, pump shaft, bearing, seal ring, stuffing box. Chemical pipeline pump is divided into corrosion resistant lining fluoride pipeline pump, stainless steel pipe pump, pump cast iron pipes. Chemical pipeline water pump structure performance analysis: 1, pipeline pump body also calls the pump shell, it is the main body of the pump. Support fixed effect, and connected to install bearing bracket. 2, is the core part of a centrifugal pump impeller, strength higher than that of its speed, on the impeller blades and play a major role, the impeller through static balancing experiments before assembly. Impeller on the inside and outside for smooth surface to reduce friction loss of water. 3, bearing is set on the pump shaft support components of pump shaft, which has two kinds of rolling bearing and sliding bearing. Rolling bearing use butter as a lubricant oil is generally appropriate for two-thirds to three-quarters of the volume too much will be fever, too little and there was a noise and fever! Sliding bearing is using a transparent oil as lubricant, go to the oil level line. Too much oil leak to the pump shaft and floating base, too little bearing overheating and burn out cause an accident! In the water pump bearing has the highest temperature during the operation of around 85 degrees generally run at 60 degrees, if high will find reason ( If there are impurities, oil is black, whether water) And processed in a timely manner! 4, the function of pipeline pump shaft is connected by coupling and motor, the torque of the motor to the impeller, so it is a major part of the mechanical energy transfer. 5, stuffing box is mainly composed of filler, seal ring, packing, packing gland, water tubes. The role of the stuffing box is mainly in order to close the gap between pump casing and pump shaft, don't let the flow within the pump does not flow outside to not let outside air into the pump. Always keeping the vacuum inside the pump! When the pump shaft and be about to rely on water seal packing friction heat to hold water to the water seal circle packing cooling! Keep the pump running. So in the process of pump run Tours of inspection to check the stuffing box is paying special attention to! Running about 600 hours will be carried out on the packing replacement. 6, sealing ring, also known as minus leakage ring. Import and pump impeller shell gap between in the cause of high water in the pump by means of this clearance flow to the low pressure area, affect the water yield of pump, efficiency! Clearance starts to cause the impeller and pump casing friction wear. In order to increase the flow resistance reducing internal leakage and delay the service life of the impeller and the pump shell, the pump casing and impeller around the foreign aid junction with sealing ring, sealing gap in a 0. 25 ~ 1. It is advisable to 10 mm.
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