Chemical pipeline pump pipe way Angle seam welding eligibility criteria

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Chemical pipeline pump is connected to the pipe in the middle, a booster water pump, users in the use of installing a pipeline water pump, often takes the form of welding, flange connection pipe for Angle seam welding have eligibility criteria, the welding technology is what? Welding design should consider the weldability of parent metal, welding material and matching of parent metal, the size of the efficiency of welding, welding method, welding, the welding deformation and the joint plate down bends and other factors. For fillet weld as an example to illustrate, according to the steel structure welding welding association rules ( AWSD1。 1) Of the act, the fillet welding is divided into three categories, including ideal bead, bead width of acceptable and unacceptable weld, incorrect bead size including fillet weld throat depth is insufficient, convex is too long, weld corrosion, a bad idea, insufficient feet long and fusion. Size of fillet weld leg length is by joint the two parts of thicker plate to decide, but shall not be greater than the thickness of the sheet. If beyond criterion should be full of preheating, in order to ensure the quality of welding. As it stress calculation when needed, the size of the welding can be greater than the joints of the sheet thickness. Various thickness of fillet weld feet long size, full of fillet weld bead width and length of the convex.
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