Chemical pipeline booster pump in the play the role of, you know?

by:J&T     2020-06-28
Corrosion resistant pipeline booster pump is installed on the pipeline to be medium to provide extra pressure so as to make it flow smoothly booster pump. Corrosion resistant pipeline booster pump and fluorine plastic pipeline pump, fluorine-butterfly pipeline pump, fluorine plastic pipeline centrifugal pump, magnetic water pump corrosion resistant pipes. Installation technical requirements: 1 Hs = 10. 33 - 汽蚀余量, Hz- Hy, Hs said ceiling, suction suction included in the head; NPSH said must NPSH, generally to 2. 0 - 3. Range 0 m; Hertz said the resistance of the pipeline damage, generally take a 0. 5m; As to Hy said must reserved safety allowance 0. 5m。 Avoid as far as possible when actual use equipment from low water pool. 2: the water way 1 said equipment build or high the water pool; Water way 2 said equipment from below the low of pool water. Connected to the equipment of the line must be independent of the racks to support, not weight applied to the pipeline equipment. 3: Hb pumping equipment from high or low pool, suction pipe from the pool at the bottom of the lower limit of distance, suggest not less than 25 cm. 4: Ht equipment from high or low water pool, away from the water level at the end of the suction pipe, minimum distance not less than 25 cm. Automatic booster pump pipeline corrosion resistant pipeline automatic booster pump and the automatic pipeline booster pump is the only difference in electrical control aspects. Automatic booster pump pipe must have a water pump automatic control box, automatic control mode to choose according to actual demand, can be a liquid level, the actual, differential pressure, temperature and frequency control. Different occasions for different control mode, selection of please pay attention to choose the control mode. Not automatic pipeline booster pump automatically fluorine plastic pipeline booster pump only need power switch box artificial control of booster pump start-up, but in order to convenient installation, maintenance, and debugging, external pipeline fittings is indispensable.
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