Chemical machinery equipment lubrication failure cause analysis is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-18
A, chemical machinery and equipment use process will often appear malfunction, such as movement hysteresis during operation, the speed, power consumption is large, will inevitably produce vibration and noise, sometimes also can make the motor overheating, can not meet the design parameter, if the increasing motor power, more can make the mechanical excessive heat. Transmission components such as bearings, belts, gears, etc. , will be severely damaged. Some also can produce abnormal vibration and noise, reduce mechanical performance, can also make the environment is not up to standard, its reason and lubrication has a lot to do. General reasons: friction parts have improperly installed or design defects, such as the sliding bearing gap is too small, and increase the friction, or conversely, clearance is too large, the impact and lubrication is not good, the friction force increases and the movement is not stable, friction parts of components, gap is too big, too small, or the supply of lubricating oil is insufficient, can make poor lubrication components, worsen running condition, etc. The above conditions have a plenty of poorly designed, some results from processing or assembling is not good. Second, chemical machinery and equipment: higher temperature increases the resistance of the friction pair, rapid temperature increase, in the absence of under the influence of heat source, such as bearing, reducer, etc. External temperature exceeds 80 ℃, should cause high attention. Their internal temperature is higher than external temperature burning even with a few degrees. Frictional resistance is too large, forced operation and intense heat, such as water pump packing seal, pressure tight, cause serious resistance to heat. Lubricating oil viscosity is too big, too much oil charge amount, lead to overly intense agitation during operation, so that the hot, also because of the lubricating oil viscosity, liquidity is poor, bad heat dissipation, etc. Three, machinery can't; Mainly for machinery to produce abnormal situation, the friction pair in bite. The reasons are as follows: the friction part damage occurs, and bite embrace; Serious sand foreign bodies that stuck; Temperature is too high, the friction part condition deteriorated significantly, bit sticky. Four, lubricating equipment parts damage causes and solutions: when mechanical failure, especially the lubrication failure often appear obvious anomalies, however subtle nuances phenomenon is also much more special, they are easy to cause major problems, must be pay attention to. This requires the equipment normal operation, the corresponding operator shall promptly make records, such as noise, vibration, temperature, power consumption data, and check the running status of the mechanical equipment, helps to find the fault timely solve the problems, from heavy losses.
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