Chemical fluorine-butterfly pump vacuum unit operating standards have?

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Chemical lining fluoride pump used in chemical industry, rubber fluorine pump outside using cast steel lining fluoride plastic pump, suitable for conveying acid, alkali, salt has a strong corrosive liquid, such as lining fluoride pump have fluorine-butterfly centrifugal water pump, fluorine-butterfly magnetic pump, corrosion resistant mortar pump. For a production installation of vacuum operation specification and maintenance of the unit what do you know? The following for the operation of the vacuum unit, operation and simple maintenance as an introduction. A, vacuum unit 1 before the start of inspection and ready to work. Operators should be in before the start of the pump and motor pump, motor and examine whether the base fastening bolt is complete, the full deduction. Vacuum gauge should be accurate and have regular inspection tag. Observe the needle valve oil cup and whether the crankcase lubricant oil level in the regulations. 2. , the motor should be clean and tidy appearance, complete safety cover. Open cooling water inlet valve, observe and keep the outlet water yield. Second, start and run 1. Start the motor after check: look from the side of belt pulley for counterclockwise direction of rotation ( Only after take out stitches die erste installation and maintenance of commissioning) 。 If motor is there a different sound, fever. Rotate smoothly without noise. 2. The connection parts should have no leakage. Bearing temperature is not higher than 70 ℃. Three, parking and maintenance 1. Parking closed when the water pump intake valves, cut off power supply. Close the oil cup needle valve, parking closed cooling water inlet valve in 10 minutes. In room temperature fell to below 0 ℃, must put a net cooling water, so as to avoid frost crack cylinder and water pipes. 2. Check whether the cooling water is unimpeded, pump body and pump cover parts with and without leakage phenomenon. Regularly check the oil quality and oil level, oil found in metamorphic and lack of timely replacement and refueling. 3. Check each part temperature is normal. Check each part of the fastener is loose, the pump body with or without abnormal sound. Check instrument numerical indication is normal. 4. Stop, first close the vacuum system of the valve, then close the power and close the cooling water valve. In winter, cooling water in the pump body must be released after parking.
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