Chemical corrosion fluorine plastic magnetic pump demagnetization cause analysis and prevention measures

by:J&T     2020-06-19
Protective measures on the fluorine plastic magnetic actuator in active rotor permanent magnet under the action of alternating magnetic field, will produce eddy loss and magnetic loss, caused the rising of the temperature of the permanent magnet, magnetic actuator slippage failure. When magnetic actuator driven parts under the condition of overload operation or rotor card died, magnetic actuator of master and slave unit will automatically slippage, protect the water pump. Isolated set of fluorine plastic magnetic pump set in a sinusoidal alternating magnetic field, in the direction perpendicular to the lines of magnetic force on the cross section of induced eddy current is converted into heat. Eddy current expression is: F - the pressure inside the casing; D - casing diameter; The resistivity of a material; — The tensile strength of materials, including Pe - eddy current; K— Constant; n— The rated speed of the pump; T - magnetic drive torque; 。 After the pump design, n, T is the working condition of the given, to reduce the eddy current can only be taken into consideration from F, D, etc. Choose high resistivity, high strength of non-metallic materials of sleeve, in terms of reduce the eddy current effect is very obvious. Sliding bearing is due to the engineering ceramics brittle and expansion coefficient is small, so the bearing clearance may not be too small, so as to avoid holding shaft accidents. Because the engineering ceramics has very good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, so the plastic magnetic water pump sliding bearing use engineering ceramics production more. As a result of the plastic magnetic pump sliding bearing lubrication to the transmission medium, so should be used according to different medium and conditions, choose different materials produced bearings. Magnetic water pump sliding bearing materials impregnated graphite, filled ptfe, engineering ceramics, etc. 4, permanent magnet made of rare earth permanent magnet materials of permanent magnet operating temperature range ( - - - - - - 45-400℃) , high coercive force, will not happen in homopolar connect close demagnetization phenomenon, plastic magnetic pump has the very good anisotropic magnetic field direction, is a good source of magnetic field. Cooling lubricant flow control pump operation, fluorine plastic magnetic pump must use a small amount of liquid ring between internal magnetic rotor and isolation sets gap area and sliding bearing friction pair to flush the cooling. When the cooling lubricant or flushing hole, jams, will lead to the medium temperature is higher than the work of the permanent magnet temperature, make the inner magnetic rotor gradually lose magnetism, the magnetic actuator failure. Coolant flow rate is usually 2% of the pump design flow 3%, clearance between magnetic rotor and isolation sets of area due to the eddy current and high quantity of heat generation. When the medium is water or aqueous solution, can make the maintained at 3 - the rise of temperature of the annular region 5℃; When the medium for hydrocarbon or oil, can make the temperature rise at 5 - ring gap area 8℃。
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