Chemical circulation pump motor burn out root cause analysis

by:J&T     2020-06-28
Motor is commonly used in the production of the daily life of electric equipment, motor commonly used two phase 220 v and 380 v, 3 phase chemical circulation water pump is commonly used in the chemical industry water pump, emissions of sewage circulation, raw material conveying usually adopts three-phase motor, such as the three-phase motor burn out is what reason, in use process analysis; 1, irregular burn out voltage imbalance will lead to the result. Possible reasons for the power supply, terminals, contactor, etc. Note: 1% of the voltage unbalance leads to 6 - Ten times the current imbalance. 2, all black burn out three-phase winding burn. May cause overload, overvoltage, undervoltage. 3, all burn out, overheating due to shaft lock shaft, holding in death of the burn out. May cause frequent restart or bearing question 4, lead a local burn out possible reasons for instantaneous high voltage, lightning hit 5, such as lack of phase, Y- Connection) Two phase burn, a phase in good condition. Possible reason is that the power supply defects, contactors, fuses, terminal blocks, power cords, etc. 6, lack of phase, Delta connection) A burn out, two phase in good condition. The same goes for possible reasons. 7, local groups in the edge of conduction and black. Possible reasons for wear and tear, vibration or flash 8, local burn group in the rabbet of conduction. For 9, interphase short circuit phase to phase short circuit. Possible reasons for insulation wasn't good isolation. 10, turn-to-turn short circuit between turns and turn short circuit. Possible reasons for enameled wire insulation between has a problem. 11, local ground short-circuit winding short-circuit alone. Possible reasons for insulation is not good isolation or voltage imbalance. 12, local short circuit only found that there is a short circuit or open circuit and black. Possible reasons for enameled wire insulation problems or metal collisions between objects.
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