Chemical centrifugal pump structure classification is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-19
IHF fluorine plastic centrifugal pump IHF type horizontal cantilever pump inlet and out to end, single-stage radial subdivision, adopts foot installation process pump, suitable for conveying clean or pollution, chemical neutral or slightly corrosive medium. Single-stage radial subdivision, the center line of supporting process pump, suitable for conveying clean or slight pollution, chemical, neutral or corrosive medium, low or high temperature. Application scope: fluorine plastic chemical pump is mainly used for oil refineries, petrochemical industry, coal processing, seawater desalination, paper and pulp industry, etc. GDF fluorine-butterfly vertical pipe water pump, anti-corrosive fluorine plastic pipeline pump GDF model with independent bearing the vertical pipe pump, the pump is clean, or containing trace particle medium, also can transport all kinds of inflammable and explosive, toxic media. Comparing with the performance of the horizontal pump, this type pump has a smaller area, basic investment cost saving. Application: mainly used in petrochemical, hydrocarbon processing, oil refineries, pipeline pressure, water supply and water treatment, etc. Horizontal centrifugal pump (axial subdivision Single stage) ( BB2组) BB2 series pumps are horizontal, on both ends of the support, the radial subdivision, the double volute, single stage single suction and double suction impeller centrifugal pump. The pump type is mainly aiming at high temperature, low temperature and high pressure in all kinds of devices such as the important location development of centrifugal pump, according to the device pipeline needs to choose the pump's inlet and outlet direction. BB2 series pump conforms to the American petroleum institute API 61010th 61011th/API design standard. Application: widely used in oil refining, petrochemical, coal, coal chemical industry, natural gas processing, water desalination, offshore drilling equipment and other industries of high temperature, low temperature or high pressure condition, conveyor belt can be corrosive or strong corrosive medium of solid particles, liquefied petroleum gas and other inflammable, explosive or toxic medium. Typical applied to flash bottom oil of the refining units, often at the end of the high temperature bottom pump such as oil, coal chemical industry plant of half barren solution and methanol pump, etc. The axial split horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump, BB3) BB3 pump is axial subdivision, symmetrical layout, volute impeller, horizontal multi-stage, single suction heads or double suction centrifugal pump is suitable for conveying various cleaning or contain trace particles, neutral or corrosive medium, the transmission medium containing solid particles when the performance is stable. BB3 pump series conforms to the American petroleum institute API610 10 th/API 610 11 th design standard. Application: mainly used in chemical industry, coal chemical industry, pipeline, offshore platform, oil drilling, water desalination, power plants, etc. , can also be used in the chemical industry of high pressure hydraulic energy recovery turbine. Typical working conditions for the coal chemical industry of ash water pump, poor methanol pump, oil transmission pipeline in the industry of main water pump and feeder pump, chemical fertilizer and ammonia plant of lean liquid pump and rich liquid pump, the power plant boiler feed water pump, oil field injection water pump, the pump for the offshore platform
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