Chemical centrifugal pump shaft balance center alignment method

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Centrifugal pump installation shall examine the center of axial force, after the completion of the motor and pump whether in a straight line, the coupling part about whether highly consistent, if there is any deviation to start the rear axle force to pull the rotor axial string, contact with fixed parts, will cause damage to the pump parts that won't work. One, the thrust bearing for small water pump axial force is not big, the thrust bearing axial force, even if the other balance device, sometimes also furnish thrust bearing. Second, decorate the method is mainly used for multistage pump impeller symmetry. All pump impeller average is divided into two directions to decorate, face to face or back to back to in a certain sequence, makes the axial force balance each other. Sectional symmetrical layout pump can balance the axial force, but the interstage leakage increase. Symmetrical arrangement of the impeller, only under the condition of same structure, to completely balance, when all levels of the wheel shaft is not at the same time, will also produce certain axial force. The arrangement of the principle is: the impeller shaft sealing side on both ends should decorate a low voltage level, to reduce the pressure of the shaft seal; Interstage transition flow not very complicated, for the casting and reduce resistance losses; Adjacent to the differential between the two stage impeller don't too big, to reduce the pressure difference between level, thereby reducing interstage leakage. Three, back vane pump back blade is added on the outer edge of the HouGaiBan, which is equivalent to in the back of the main impeller suction in the opposite direction and an additional half open impeller, to facilitate the casting, the back blades are usually made of radial, also have made crooked. Impeller and back later, back blade forcing the liquid, the rotation of the liquid angular velocity increases, changed the distribution of pressure head HouGaiBan reduced the unbalanced force. Remaining has to be by bearing axial force to bear. Four, the balancing drum drum is a cylinder, in a final stage impeller, with the rotor rotation. Balancing drum cylindrical surface with radial clearance is formed between the pump body. After balancing drum is the last stage in front of the impeller pump cavity, followed by balance is connected with suction chamber. This role in balancing the pressure difference on the drum, pointing to the right force balance, the force used to balance the axial force on the rotor. Five, the balancing disc plate can be automatically in different conditions completely balance the axial force, is widely used in multistage centrifugal pump. As shown in figure 5, the collar and the pump body, there is a gap between the disc face and there is a axial clearance between the pump body bo, balance disc with pump suction balance room behind. Radial clearance b before the pressure is on the back of the stage at the end of the impeller pressure p, liquid after clearance b decreased to p 'pressure, the pressure drop of the radial clearance for delta p1 = p - P ', after liquid b0 by axial clearance, axial clearance on both ends of the pressure drop to Po pressure drop for delta p2 = p '- Po, Po and close to water pump inlet pressure. The balance disc unit pressure drop for the delta p = delta p1 + delta p2. In this way, the balance disc on a balanced force, direction and axial force of pump instead. Six, single stage double suction impeller pump adopts double suction impeller, because the impeller is symmetrical, so the axial force on both sides of the impeller offset each other. But in fact, due to differences in on both sides of the impeller seal clearance, relative to the center of the volute chamber and impeller in the wrong, there are still a little residual axial force, the axial force should be bear by bearing. Seven, the balancing hole or pipe on the impeller HouGaiBan attached sealing ring, sealing ring is generally with the sealing ring is equal diameter, opening at the bottom of the HouGaiBan at the same time, or set a special connecting pipe and the suction side. Due to the resistance loss of liquid through the seal clearance, that the lower part of the sealing liquid pressure drop, so as to reduce the axial force acting on HouGaiBan. Reduce the degree of axial force depends on the number of holes and the size of aperture. To fully balance the axial force must further increase the sealing ring's diameter, it should be pointed out that ring and balance holes are complementary to each other, only a ring without axial force balance hole can not balance; Balance hole not only set a seal ring, as a result, the leakage is large, the degree of balance of axial force effect.
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