Chemical centrifugal pump mechanical seal installation and removal methods are introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Chemical centrifugal pump is of strongly corrosive liquid transportation commonly used in the chemical industry pump, chemical centrifugal pump is generally in the form of mechanical seal, so in the process of long-term use, mechanical seal damage need to change is difficult to avoid, the centrifugal pump mechanical seal how to remove and install? A removable seal, centrifugal water pump in, we will pay attention to the following: 1, in the process of demolition, must be very careful to avoid any damage to cover up the real cause of the failure of original; 2, when the demolition of parts must pay attention to observe and record, and then remove the next department; Classify the fault must be observed, such as wear and tear, dry, seal ring sound, etc. Second, the mechanical seal installation to ensure that the cavity clean without any foreign body. With mechanical seal with shaft or sleeve, the correct size, smooth surface, good straightness, no burrs, sharp corners, indentation, or deep scratches. Sealed all mechanical seal in the seal chamber runtime without hole. Sealed cavity end surface must be clean, smooth and vertical axis. Level two of shell water pump casing must cooperate well, two boxes of q has a sealing gasket, remove all sharp corners and burrs sealed cavity surface. Check proper clearance between the impeller and wear ring of pump, the shaft must rotate freely, friction and inappropriate gap caused by vibration, can cause damage of seal. When using a shaft sleeve, ensure the shaft sleeve properly sealed to the shaft, to prevent the collar below leakage. Make sure that all mounting screw fastening. When installing screw is used as the sealing between the shaft and driven, reinforce the connection shaft counterbore should come from. Tighten gland bolts, should tighten, smooth and not make gland by elastic. Where possible use of more than four screws spacing gland, etc. Tighten gland bolts, the clearance between shaft and gland were examined with a feeler gauge, it in a sealed cavity gland does not guide, appears especially important, because in a gland must be accurate. Before start the pump, static testing under pressure seal, can do minor adjustments to the gland nut, to prevent possible leaks than the gland shim. Don't dry running mechanical seal. In certain situations, for washing and cooling connections, shall comply with the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure pump suction and discharge outlet opened, and before starting the water pump has a positive level pressure. When check to correct and adjust motor connection, also to do so. Check the mechanical seal type, specification, quantity, whether accord with the requirement of design drawing, all parts ( Especially the sealing surface, auxiliary seal ring) Any damage, deformation, cracks and other phenomena, if flawed, and must be replaced or repaired. Check the host up momentum, momentum and deflection is in line with the technical requirements, the seal cavity is in line with the installation size, sealing cover and shaft is vertical, general requirements: axial channeling momentum is not greater than & plusmn; 0. 5毫米; Axis swing momentum ( Rotating ring seal) Not greater than zero. 06mm; Axis deflection is not greater than zero. 05mm; Sealing cover and gasket contact surface is not perpendicular to the centerline to allow poor 0. 03 ~ 0. 05mm。 To tighten the gland should be performed after the coupling is find. Bolt tightening up should be uniform, prevent gland section deflection, with a feeler gauge or special tools to check each point, the error is not greater than zero. 5 mm. Check gland with shaft or sleeve diameter tolerance clearance ( And concentricity) Uniform, must ensure that all round, with a feeler check each point tolerance is not greater than zero. 10 mm.
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