Chemical centrifugal pump is started to notice what has something to do with the valve?

by:J&T     2020-06-24
There are many different kinds of chemical centrifugal pump, widely used in the chemical pump installation, the valve is a common facilities, in, start centrifugal pump has something to do with the valve, many users find, start the pump should be paid attention to the water pump, what is the relationship between the valve? A, before starting the centrifugal pump must ensure that two points: 1, will be filled with water in the pump shell, the purpose is to form a vacuum; 2, must be closed on the outlet pipe gate valve, so the pump not form a flow, can reduce motor starting current, conducive to the smooth operation of the pump and start with the pump start smoothly should slowly open the gate in time. Second, the centrifugal pump startup: why do you want to close the outlet valve? Centrifugal pumps at startup, pump export haven't water in the pipeline, so did not exist high resistance, pipeline resistance and ascension in the centrifugal pump starts, the centrifugal pump is very low, traffic is very big, the pump motor ( Shaft power) Output is very big, According to the pump performance curve) , it is easy to overload, can make the pump, motor and circuit to damage, therefore starts to close the outlet valve, to make the normal operation of pump. Centrifugal water pump is to rely on form the vacuum suction lift water impeller centrifugal force, so the centrifugal pump starts, must first put the outlet valve closed, irrigation. Water level more than impeller parts, to vent air from centrifugal pump, can only be started, after start-up, vacuum formed around the impeller, sucked the water up, it can automatically open, the water. Therefore, you must close the outlet valve. If use axial-flow pump is contrary, must be open valve starts, the motor power in a short period of time because there is no resistance, large flow operation, often appear pump vibration and noise, even over load operation of the motor, the motor burned. Close the outlet valve, pipe resistance pressure is equal to be set, along with the pump running, after a slow start valve, let the pump performance curves along its normal work step by step. In before starting the pump, the pump shell filled with liquid to be delivered; Starts, by axis high-speed rotating impeller, the blade between the liquid must also along with the rotation. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid from the impeller center was thrown to the outer edge and gain energy, leaving the impeller outer edge at high speed into the volute pump shell. Liquid in the volute, due to the widening of flow deceleration, and will be part of the kinetic energy into static pressure can, at a higher pressure into the discharge pipe, sent to the need to place. Liquid flow to the outer edge by the impeller center, formed the certain vacuum, in the center of the impeller by the pressure on the top of the holding tank liquid level is greater than the pump pressure, at the entrance of the liquid was continuous pressure into the impeller. Visible, as long as constantly rotating impeller, liquid will be overtaken by suction and discharge. Three, about the centrifugal pump is a centrifugal pump vane pump, rely on the rotation of the impeller in the rotation process, because of the blade and liquid interaction, blade to mechanical energy to the liquid, the liquid pressure will increase, reach the purpose of conveying fluid. Centrifugal pump work has the following characteristics: 1, under a certain speed centrifugal pump pump lift generated by a finite value. Working point flow and shaft power depends on the device connected to the pump system ( A poor, pressure difference, and line loss) 。 Head change according to the traffic. 2, work stability, continuous conveying, flow and pressure pulsation. 3, there is no self-priming ability, will need to pump to fill liquid or the pipeline into vacuum before they can begin to work. 4, centrifugal pump in the discharge line valve closed, vortex pump and axial flow pump start under the valve fully open, to reduce the starting power. Other centrifugal pump, start the above said is a centrifugal water pump, for other types of pumps, the situation is as follows: 1, the characteristics of vortex pump start-up & ndash; — Full open valve to start the vortex pump shaft power when zero flow conditions, for 130% ~ 190% of the rated shaft power, and so are similar to those of axial flow pump, vortex pump start characteristics should be a big traffic start ( The full open valve to start) 。 2, large axial-flow pump start-up characteristics & ndash; — Full open valve to start the axial flow pump shaft power when working condition of zero flow, rated shaft power of 140% ~ 200%, high flow rate when the power is small, so small starting current, shaft power start characteristics should be a big traffic start ( The full open valve to start) 。 3, the characteristics of mixed flow pump start, & ndash; — Full open valve to start the mixed flow pump shaft power when working condition of zero flow between the above two kinds of pump, is 100% ~ 130% of rated power, so the starting characteristics of mixed flow pump also should be between the above two kinds of pumps, fully open valve.
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