Chemical centrifugal pump internal assembly steps and what are the requirements?

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Chemical centrifugal pump in industrial production, is a common chemical pump, chemical centrifugal pump by commonly: pump casing, impeller, mechanical seal, bearing, coupling and other major parts, sealing ring, of course, the mouth ring is also cannot be ignored, the following chemical centrifugal pump parts what are required in the process of assembly, the assembly steps how to do? Assembly requirements: first, clean parts must be qualified through inspection, material code conform to the requirements of the drawings, clean surface, the fitting surface with engine oil. Bearing box clean oil resistant enamel coating, natural dry 24 hours, through inspection qualified rear can into the assembly. Two, department and assembly requirements 1, flat key and the bearing assembly, may not be directly with the hammer knock, should use a wooden hammer. Copper bar or dedicated assembly tools such as assembly. 2, bearing diameter is r6 and s6 interference fit, to implement the hot charging, the temperature is 80 - 120 ℃ 3, stud with maternal side with dry oil, should guarantee the length is consistent, tighten evenly. 4, in the assembly process, and it is strictly prohibited to the surface of the parts, especially the scratches, and sealing surface, so as not to affect the assembly quality. Three, bearing and shaft assembly bearing in reheating furnace heated to 90 ℃ 110 ℃ cooling on the shaft. First installed the bearing gland at the left side of bearing box, and then in load bearing, bearing and shaft components depend on the left bearing gland, measuring the drive end bearing gland and the size of the bearing outer ring end face, CZ pump in 0. 30 - 0. On a scale of 0-70 mm, the ZA pump 0. 42 mm gap. Such as ZA pump bearings for matching is used, install and use will tighten nut bearing locking to two bearing outer ring can be relatively slight rotation can obtain ideal clearance. Four, mouth ring and assembling mouth ring of impeller, water pump body and impeller, pump body assembly, attention should be paid to make the mouth ring around evenly into the impeller and pump body, to minimize the mouth ring shape error. In to tighten the set screw or welding, measuring impeller, mouth ring radial runout and clearance of the two, the measured value should comply with the provisions of the general technical requirements pump assembly, repair parts to super bad. Five of single pump, impeller, the impeller should do static balance test, and achieve the requirements of technical conditions. The impeller is installed on the shaft after nut is tightened, the whole rotor into the pump body, with a nut and tighten. For multi-stage pump, the impeller, besides do static balance test and rotor parts fitting, will together with the impeller and shaft, marking, do dynamic balance experiment, the experimental results should meet the requirements of technical conditions. When installation will all impeller balancing drum, shaft sleeve, and pushed to the right, to head impeller, shaft sleeve on the shaft shoulder respectively, measuring the shaft sleeve and balance drum gap and make it & ge; 0. 5, if the gap is too small, trim balancing drum, the clearance is achieved. Then on the head with a shaft into the entrance of the impeller shell, step by step in the midsection of the impeller and guide blade with shell loaded on the shaft until exports, fixed with screw pump parts, mount balance device, seal and bearing components, determine right in the middle of the rotor position, adjust good cone bearing the axial clearance of 0. 04 - 0. 06mm. Six, mechanical seal assembly 1, when assembling the joint surface should strictly, the friction surface to industrial vaseline lubricants. 2, installed type mechanical seal container type mechanical seal, with double stud, nut first install the seal on the water pump cover, pump shaft through the seal in the shaft sleeve, bearing housing and the pump body connection, then remove the stopper on the sealing gaskets from axle housing. When installation, in order to reduce the wear and tear of o-ring, o-rings after the parts can be coated with lubrication, but ethylene-propylene aprons soap liquid or water lubrication. 3, packing seal packing seal installation before the installation, should be based on collar diameter determine the length of each coil, slightly flattened, bound to the shaft sleeve, push into the stuffing box, if there is water seal ring is loaded in accordance with the requirements. After the filler loading, with gland uniform pressure. Seven, the adjustment of the horizontal multistage pump bearing housing multistage pump not only mouth positioning of the bearing housing should be adjusted to the when installing. Rotating adjusting bolt bearing housing for vertical and horizontal movement, respectively to measure the bearing housing limit position in both directions, take the average value, after the lock nut lock. Positioning pin, and then seal and bearing. The rotor axial medium. Eight, coupling installation ( head is fixed) 1, when the coupling assembly hole and shaft neck and key lubricant, forcibly even when assembling, prevent shock damage parts. 2, claw coupling installation: with membrane coupling is similar, the two flanges were loaded on the corresponding shaft coupling, tuned to each other with a straight edge position. If the speed & ge; 3600 turn, should press membrane coupling alignment method to look for is. 3, membrane coupling installation: install the coupling of pump end and motor end coupling to the corresponding axis, using the dial indicator to look are two shaft alignment ( Vertically with the gasket to adjust motor position) Between the two shaft radial runout & le; 0. 1, the jump & le; 0. 05, meet the requirements, the middle part. When speed > 3600 r, radial runout & le; 0. 05, jump & le; 0. 03. If you use a higher temperature ( About more than 130 ℃) Should be under the condition of high temperature when the pump is running. Nine, paint coating shall be carried out in a clean, dry place, the environment temperature should be not less than 5 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 70%, if the relative humidity is more than 70%, coating should add a moderate amount of moistureproof agent in case of coated white. The metal parts, stainless steel, chrome steel, nickel, cadmium, silver, tin and other parts: sliding, cooperate, sealing surface, rib, signs and not painted to slip.
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