Chemical centrifugal pump failure reason and repair method. !

by:J&T     2020-06-17
1, centrifugal water pump suction, pressure gauge throbbing. Reason: perfusion of water diversion is not enough; There is air pump inner product; The suction pipe and pipe leakage. Solution: pouring enough water diversion; Check the line to eliminate leakage phenomenon. 2, vacuum gauge indicates high vacuum, the pump is still not bibulous. Reason: the bottom valve didn't open or serious congestion; Suction pipe resistance; On the suction height is too high. Solution: check the bottom valve valve flexibility; To remove a blockage; Try to make simple suction pipe; Reduce the suction height. 3, water pump vibration reasons: pump shaft and motor shaft is different; Impeller imbalance; Bearing clearance is too large. Solution: adjust the pump and motor axis alignment; Through balance test of impeller unbalanced weight requirement at about 3 g; Replace the bearing. 4, water pump bearing heating reasons: lack of oil bearing and much lubricating oil viscosity; Bearing wear clearance is too large; Different heart pump and motor. The solution: come on; Changing the oil or low viscosity oil; Replace the bearing; Adjust the pump and motor, guarantee the concentric. 5, export pressure gauge indicates pressure, pump water little or no water. Reason: outlet pipe resistance; Steering is wrong; Impeller block; Speed is not enough. Solution: reduce pipe resistance; Check the motor steering; Remove the impeller blocking object; Increase the speed. 6, water pump power consumption is too large. Reason: too tightly on the packing; Packing room fever; The impeller wear; Water pump is too large. The solution: relax gland; Replacement impeller; Turning down the gate valve; Reduce the traffic. 7, water pump noise big reason: pump and motor installation different heart; The pump and motor bearing wear, have to beat. Solution: adjust the pump and motor, assure concentric; Replace the new bearing. 8 abnormal sound, water pump, pump without water. Reason: the suction resistance is too large; Suction height is too large; There are air into the suction pipe; Deserves to send liquid temperature is too high. Solution: check whether there is any jam on suction pipe; Clean up the bottom valve, reduce the liquid temperature or lower suction height. 9, the pump flow is lower than the design flow. Reason: the impeller blocking; Sealing ring wear clearance is too large; Speed is not enough. Solution: remove blockage; Replace the sealing ring; Increase the speed to the specified value on the nameplate.
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