Chemical centrifugal pump bearing damage reason what occurs, there are several kinds of form?

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Chemical centrifugal pump, bearing is a common rotating equipment, centrifugal pump in operation, the use of bearing damage on water pump performance will be affected, then what are bearing damage reason, bearing has several forms? A, 1, the reasons of sliding bearing damage some anti-rust paper, nylon paper ( Bag) And plastic tube coating machine, such as the sliding bearing packing material is not accord with the requirement of roll coater bearing oil seal rustproof packaging is one of corrosion factors. 2, some companies of poor environmental conditions, harmful content is high, in the air flow field is too small, it is difficult to effectively antirust processing. Coupled with the hot weather, the production workers in violation of the phenomenon such as antirust procedures were there. 3, some enterprises in the process of production coating machine bearing no rust cleaning procedures and oil seal antirust packing in strict accordance with the requirements of the coating machine in the process of machining bearing parts and assembly after coating machine bearing products antirust processing. Such as ring in the process of turnover turnover time is too long, outer cylindrical contact corrosive liquids or gases, etc. 4, some coating machine of sliding bearing ring turning small allowance and allowance of grinding, the oxide coating on the cylindrical, failed to completely remove decarburization layer is also one of the reasons. 5, anti-rust lubricating oil used in the enterprises in the production, the quality of the products such as cleaning the kerosene can not reach the requirements of the technology. 6, because a coating machine bearing steel price drop down again, resulting in coating machine bearing steel quality decline gradually. Such as non-metallic impurities content in steel on the high side, The increase of sulfur content in the steel material fall in corrosion resistance) , metallurgical structure deviation, etc. Now coating machine used in the manufacturing enterprises bearing steel sources are more diverse, steel quality ichthyosaurs fraud. Second, the damage form of sliding bearing 1, installation is not correct cause damage during installation, if the bearing installation is not correct, cause distorted or local contact, it is easy to make at work bearing local damage. 2, bite ( Agglutination) When the bearing temperature rise too high, the load is too large, the oil film burst, under the condition of the lubricating oil is in short supply, the relative motion of the shaft neck and shaft surface material adhesion and migration, resulting in damage of bearing. Bit sticky sometimes may even led to the suspension of relative motion. 3, abrasive wear into the bearing clearance between hard particles ( Such as dust, sand, etc. ) Some embedded bearing surface, some free in clearance and with the axis rotation together, they will be of the journal and the bearing surface grinding effect. In starting, stopping or shaft neck edge contact occurs, they are both increasing bearing wear, lead to changes in geometry, loss of accuracy, axial clearance, worsen sharply before bearing performance in life expectancy. 4, corrosion lubricant oxidation, continuously in the use of bearing material corrosive acid generated, especially for the casting copper lead in lead alloy, susceptibility to corrosion and the formation of a dot. Oxygen corrosion of tin base babbitt, can make the bearing surface to form a layer of SnO2 and SnO black hard cover, it can scratch shaft neck surface, and makes the bearing clearance smaller. In addition, the sulfur of silver or copper bearing material corrosion, moisture corrosion of copper lead in lubricating oil should be attention. 5, fatigue spalling under the effect of repeated load, the bearing surface appear a fatigue crack perpendicular to the sliding direction, when the crack expand to the bearing bush with backing surface after peeling off of bearing liner material. It combines with bearing bush and backing for bad or inadequate bonding force bearing bush shed some similar, but irregular, surrounding the fatigue spalling caused by poor combination stripping is more smooth. In addition, due to the different working conditions, sliding bearing is possible cavitation erosion, fluid, electric erosion and fretting wear and damage. Sliding bearing on the job as a result of the journal and bearing contact will produce friction, surface cause fever, even & quot; Bite dead & quot; , so when designing bearing, should choose sliding bearing materials with good sex of anti-friction bearing, a suitable lubricant and appropriate supply method is adopted to improve the bearing structure for thick film lubrication, etc.
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