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by:J&T     2020-04-22
Chemical axial-flow pump is a single-stage cantilever structure. In absorption, on the basis of a large number of similar products at home and abroad, combined with the needs of the domestic water pump, carefully developed by reasonable structure, large evaporation circulating water pump cavitation erosion resistance is good, high reliability. Widely used in large capacity, low head case, solid content less than 35%. Especially suitable for chemical, chemical fertilizer, salt, alkaline, non-ferrous metal, metallurgy, paper making industries such as forced circulation, evaporation, crystallization and chemical reaction. The main results were as follows: (structure features 1) Cantilever rotor structure of the front door, simple structure, convenient maintenance, do not need to remove the pump body and pipe; ( 2) When the impeller and the suction pipe to coordinate, as long as the replacement of suction pipe when transporting erosion material, can improve the service life of the pump body. Shaft seal used type liquid packing seal and double mechanical seal, ensure the water pump without leakage, safe and reliable. ( 3) Can use direct way, belt drive, gear reducer drive, drive, and can be installed using horizontal, vertical or hanging installation, make series pump can meet the performance of different stand and installation requirements. A: how to use pneumatic diaphragm pump well? Next article: the innovation of the forced circulation pump is very important
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