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by:J&T     2020-04-23
Chemical axial flow water pump is mainly used for heavy traffic, Maximum flow rate of 11000 m3 / h) And low head case, especially suitable for large flow ( Maximum flow to high flow) And low head. Forced circulation process of corrosive medium. For example, forced circulation of caustic soda, and salt is used in phosphate fertilizer, oil, chemical fiber and paper. Design features: HZW series is a kind of horizontal axial flow water pump, the cantilever support form, single-stage single-suction axial flow impeller, motor adopts direct connection or belt transmission. Use after opening the door structure, in order to repair or replace the seal, as long as the rotating part is pulled up, do not need to disassemble pipes, maintenance is a square. You first, please. Bend pipe or spiral case structure is used in the pump body pump inlet and outlet diameter is the same. The series also can according to user requirements production suspension structure or elastic foundation. A special design. Seal form can be a double mechanical seal or packing seal. Bearing installation: bearing box is equipped with water cooling cavity, cooling water. : material flow pieces can be from 1 cr18ni9, cr18ni12mo2ti 1 and 1 cr18ni12mo3titi composition. Because the Colo 804 and other materials. A: what type of pump, titanium pump is what are the advantages? Next article: why forced circulation pump can be used for different working conditions
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