Ceramics used in the manufacturing of the main characteristics of rotary-vane vacuum pump are _

by:J&T     2020-05-15

vacuum refining mud is an important part of special ceramics manufacturing. Mud material after vacuum treatment, plasticity, after vacuum degassing, sludge density is big, after suppressing burning material deformation is small, high strength, good quality. The performance of the rotary-vane vacuum pump are combined with vacuum refining, plays a key role in the vacuum refining. Small make up plans to introduce rotary vane vacuum pump application in clay mixer.

refers to the vacuum refining mud mud and extruding into mud paragraph will mud vacuum process. Vacuum clay machine is an important equipment in the production of electric porcelain. After the vacuum mud in the period of air quantity can be reduced to 0. Between 5% and 1%. Billet composition and moisture tend to be more uniform and crucible by discontinuous helical cutting and extrusion. Greatly improve the extrusion and extrusion of spiral vane, mud plasticity and sintering and stem the strength of the billet, and significantly improve the mechanical strength of the product after roasting, electricity performance and chemical stability.

mud rotary vane vacuum pump used in the mixer's main features:

1. Rotary vane vacuum pump is equipped with oil separator, which can effectively eliminate the fine oil mist in the exhaust.

2。 Direct drive mechanism, compact structure, light in weight.

3, air cooled, no water, easy to operate, use maintenance cost is low.

4, more than at the bottom of the rotating plate and rubber mat, stable running, small vibration.

5, can be in 105 ~ 102 pa wide inlet pressure within the scope of work.

6。 The pump adopts the automatic refueling cycle system design, often without refueling.

7。 The pump is equipped with automatic suction valve. When the water pump stop working, the suction valve will automatically pump and pump system isolation, to prevent pump oil back into the pump system.

8。 High extraction efficiency, when the inlet pressure is close to the limit pressure, the extraction rate is still high.

only mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. Shenzhen heng rotary-vane vacuum pump has simple structure, reliable operation, energy efficient, the characteristics of the oil free. It is not only a rotary vane vacuum pump in the application of clay mixer, and its application in ceramic and porcelain industry. And to get more and more recognition.

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