Centrifugal pump valve door installation and use of knowledge

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Check 1 of centrifugal water pump valve door before installation. Before installation should be carried out on product check carefully and verify whether there is a certificate of approval and the product specifications, in order to make clear the constant pressure of the factory. As far as possible arranged near the platform, in order to check and repair. In general, the relief valve cannot set before and after the block valve, to ensure safe and reliable. 2. The relief valve should be installed vertically, should make the medium flow from bottom to top, and to check the verticality population pipe diameter of the stem, small should be equal to the valve inlet pipe diameter; Discharge pipe diameter shall not be less than the valve outlet diameter, discharge pipe should lead to the outdoor, with bent pipe installation, the pipe exports toward safety. 3. Relief valve installation, when the relief valve and the equipment and pipeline connection for the opening, when welding the hole diameter should be the same as the nominal diameter of the relief valve. Pressure relief valve: when the medium is liquid, typically into a pipe or an airtight system; When the medium is gas, the general to the outdoor atmosphere; Can generally be exhaust air, oil and gas medium export should be higher than the relief vent pipe structures around 3 m, but the following should be no one closed system, to ensure safety. 4 check valve packing, packing and fasteners ( Bolt) Whether is suitable for the working medium properties. For old or put more pressure reducing valve should be disassembled, dust, sand and other debris should be cleaned with water. 5, check whether the stem and disc opens flexible, presence of jam and askew phenomenon. All landowners to clear his block, check the sealing, the valve must be closed tightly. 6, check valve is damaged, the thread of the valve is correct and complete. Check carefully whether the check valve type, specification conform to the requirements of the drawings. 7, check whether the combination of the seat and body strong, disc and seat, valve cover and valve body, valve stem and disc coupling. The valve installation note 1. Valves should be installed in operation, convenient maintenance and repair, it is forbidden to buried in the ground. Directly buried and trench inside the valve in the pipeline, should establish inspection shaft chamber, so that the opening and closing of the valve and regulating. The valve body material use cast iron production, brittle, it shall not be affected by heavy impact. 2. The valve should be kept closed when installation. To close against the wall of the screw thread valve is installed, often need to be lifted disc and stem the handwheel, turn to twist. When disassembling twisting to the wheel to keep the valve open, and then to remove. Should guarantee the thread intact, and in the thread on the upper bound hemp, lead or ptfe teflon tape, turnbuckle, need to use hex wrench stuck twist into the pipe end the body. 3. Flange valve installation, pay attention to the screw down the connecting bolt along the diagonal direction, budge when the strength should be uniform, in order to prevent or cause deformation and damage of the valve body gasket wandering. When transporting valves, are not allowed to casually throwing; Lifting, lifting the valve, the rope should wear on the body, do not tied to the handwheel, the valve stem and flange bolt hole. Lubricants: with different grinding tools, requiring the use of different lubricants. Using mild steel grinding tool, with the oil; When using cast iron grinding tool, using kerosene as lubricant; When using copper grinding tool, oil, alcohol or caustic soda caustic soda ( Is caustic trona, the main ingredients are sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate) 。
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