Centrifugal pump suction head size variable diameter, top and bottom flat differ _

by:J&T     2020-05-24

usually, centrifugal pump suction line is generally larger than that of the pump inlet diameter, so the installation of the pump inlet diameter decreased. The picture shows the different number of centrifugal pump, they are also the pump suction. An option at the top of the plane design, another option at the bottom of the plane design.

about side suction type centrifugal pump inlet pipe on the installation of the partial heart problems ( The pump inlet is horizontal inlet) In pump pipe standard textbooks for: eccentric horizontal pipes of different diameter of pipe diameter direction ( Levels up or down) , be determined by no liquid bag or airbags ( In both cases) :

1。 When the pumping from the top to the bottom of the medium, at the bottom of the eccentric, installed in the head, there is no liquid bag;

2。 When the pump from the bottom to the top of medium, top eccentricity and the head installed, no airbag;

in general, it is usually 'to reach the lowest level, until the highest level'. Include: using grout should level off or solid medium.

in the centrifugal pump inlet and outlet pipe diameter change? Mainly is to reduce the medium inside the pipeline flow, reduce the flow velocity, reduce the friction flow medium in the pipeline.

centrifugal pump at the entrance to the level of the eccentric reducer usually decorate in the top viewport, but in the reducer connected directly to the upward bending the elbow, can use at the bottom of the floor plan. Reducer should be close to the pump inlet. At the top of the flat installation reason is to prevent the gas accumulation in the eccentric gear reducer and into the centrifugal pump, and gas corrosion water pump. When level entrance to reduce the suction centrifugal pump, pipeline installation, from the bottom of the pump to the top from down under the pump installed from top to bottom ( In order to prevent the gas in the pump inlet accumulation, it is also installed the ceiling) 。 And pump speed is lower than the settling velocity of impurity, and install the base plate. There is no formation of air-pocket principle.

cavitation and wastewater discharge are the two main factors influencing the partial memory installed. In general, if there are no special instructions, in order to consider the cavitation, top mounted flat. Flat device to prevent due to liquid bag or the existence of the balloon and cavitation in the pump suction, surge and will affect the normal operation of the pump. This is also required by the standards of most foreign engineering company.

another view is whether the pipeline medium containing solid impurities or particles. This is:

1. When the medium containing solid impurities or particles ( Such as mud, easy to rust and other corrosive medium pipe) , at the bottom of the eccentric installation, in order to prevent the buildup of low solid in pipe ( May the airbag generated) Pipeline.

2。 When the medium is a pure fluid, which is installed with top partial heart, in order to prevent the airbag air-pocket and surge at the entrance of the water pump. At this time to produce low filtering is the use of low drainage or pipes. In the device's low discharge,

3。 About the pump inlet flow, you can click here to the influence of the system.

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