Centrifugal pump seal form and seal materials

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Centrifugal pump is a lot of more phyletic, under different conditions are common centrifugal water pump is more, there are different under different conditions using seal form, the seal material is different also, what are for sealing and sealing materials? 1, the seal material: centrifugal water pump the static sealing materials generally adopts the fluorine rubber, special situation to adopt ptfe material; Mechanical seal ring materials configuration is the key activity, and not carbide carbide is good, price is on the other hand, both no hardness difference is not reasonable, so based on the characteristics of medium. 2, sealing form: for static seal, usually only seal and seal two forms, and seal o-rings used widely; Rarely used for dynamic seal, centrifugal water pump packing seal, give priority to with mechanical seal, mechanical seal and single face and double face, equilibrium and non-equilibrium model, equilibrium model is suitable for high pressure sealing medium ( Usually refers to the pressure is greater than 1. 0MPA) , double end face machine is mainly used for high temperature, easy to crystallization, viscosity, and toxic volatile medium including particle, double end face machine sealing should be added spacer to the sealed cavity, the pressure is generally higher than that of medium pressure 0. 7 ~ 0. 1MPA。
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