Centrifugal pump mechanical seal and lubrication is used to maintain

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Working in liquid medium mechanical seal, generally all rely on liquid medium in dynamic and static ring which is formed by the friction between liquid film lubrication. Therefore, to maintain the friction surface between the liquid membrane is to ensure a stable operation, prolong the service life of mechanical seal is necessary. The structure of the strengthening lubrication 1. Hydrostatic lubrication: so-called hydrostatic lubrication is there will be pressure lubricating liquid directly into the friction surface to have the effect of lubrication. With the pressure of lubricant and the fluid pressure inside the mechanical counter, this form is usually referred to as hydrostatic pressure seal. Introduced lubricating liquid liquid by a separate source supply, such as hydraulic water pump, etc. As long as conditions permit, should as far as possible put the gas medium conditions into liquid medium, so convenient for lubrication and seal. The gas medium mechanical seal measures should be taken to establish a gas film lubrication, such as using gas static pressure controlled membrane mechanical seal or solid lubrication, namely choose self lubricating materials as a dynamic or static ring. 2. Transverse eccentric: general mechanical seal, the center of the center of the ring and static ring and the shaft centerline are on a straight line, eccentric size not too big, especially for high pressure, eccentric pressure can make face uneven, and cause uneven wear. For high speed seal, unfavorable use ring as eccentric ring, or due to centrifugal force balance will result in vibration of machine. If one link in a dynamic or static ring made with transverse center shaft centerline offset distance, can make the ring rotates continuously into the lubricant to the lubrication between the sliding surface. 3. Transverse slot: low friction surface open slot are rectangular, wedge, or other shape. Trough shoulds not be too much or too deep, otherwise it will increase the leakage. In order to make the dirt or abrasive dust as far as possible not to enter the friction surface, the liquid flow in the centrifugal force direction for ( Outward flow) Flow of sealing, slot should be open in the static ring, in order to avoid the effect of centrifugal force to the introduction of the dirt friction surface. On the other hand, the liquid to reverse direction of the centrifugal force ( Flow) Flow, slot should be open on the ring, the centrifugal force will help dirt from slot. High pressure and high speed machine to maintain liquid film between the friction surface is difficult, the liquid film is often high pressure and high speed friction heat generated. In this case, the slot form taken to strengthen the lubrication is very effective. Ring and static ring can be slotted, typically in the wear-resisting material. Ring and static ring should not be at the same time slot, because that would reduce the lubrication effect. Mechanical seal performance between dynamic and static ring, mostly in the boundary lubrication and half fluid lubrication condition, and half fluid lubrication can in minimum wear and friction coefficient fever under the condition of satisfying, achieve good sealing effect. Mechanical seal friction condition between dynamic and static rings: 1, half liquid lubrication: pit containing liquid, on the surface of the sliding contact surface between maintaining a very thin layer of liquid membrane, so also has good heat and wear rate, due to the dynamic and static ring between the liquid film with surface tension at its outlet, thus limits the leakage of liquid. 2, completely liquid lubrication, but because in that case the gaps between the moving and static ring is larger, so don't seal effect, reveal that serious. When the pressure is insufficient, between the dynamic and static ring and make clearance increases, the liquid membrane thickening, then there is no solid contact, no friction phenomenon. In practical application is generally not allowed to have the problem ( Except controlled membrane mechanical seal) 。 3, dry friction: no liquid into the sliding friction surface, there has no liquid membrane, only dust and oxide layer, as well as the adsorption of gas molecules, etc. When moving and static ring operation, the result must be exacerbated friction surface heat, wear and tear caused by the leakage. 4, boundary lubrication, because the surface is not absolutely flat, but uneven, the bulge is fretting wear, while in the concave of maintain the lubrication performance of the liquid, resulting in boundary lubrication. When the pressure between the dynamic and static ring or liquid form the ability of the liquid film on the surface of the friction is poorer, the liquid will be squeezed out from the gap. Boundary lubrication degree of wear and heat to medium.
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