Centrifugal pump magnetic pump coupling alignment method knowledge is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Form of centrifugal pump and magnetic pump has a lot of, there are vertical, horizontal, straight league, a variety of forms such as fission, basic is fission structure for coupling is find, centrifugal pump and the basic magnetic pump USES the motor drives the rotation, in fission structure, the motor and pump body connection need coupling, pump, before they go out of anhui gold manufacturers will find is set, the user can directly use, if the user in installation, maintenance caused by coupling skewed to looking for is, what method? Coupling is also called find looking for work. After the pump and motor are installed, a job is to find a concentric pump and motor, also is to make the water pump and prime mover of axis in a straight line, to not make the vibration in the operation. Newly installed pump to find timing, coupling of radial and axial error may appear the following four conditions: a method to add and subtract, mat mat calculation method, including: a for axial back wheel diameter D said readings L1 said backrest motor front foot distance L2 said turn your front foot to the back foot distance s radial table reading of the results is the machine you want to add on the front foot and back foot MATS. Second, the method of single table general pump ( Oil pump, small) Can use the ruler or feeler for coarse, but for most equipment needs to be fine, with a dial indicator measurements. Generally the levelness of the pump has been looking for good, to machine pump wheel as a benchmark, measuring and adjusting motor wheel, to ensure that the motor and pump in a two axis. Note: a1, a2, a3, a4 said radial clearance, S1, S2, S3, S4 said axial clearance measurement to measure the dial indicator in 0 & ordm; The a1, radial clearance and axial clearance when S1, then respectively measured 90 & ordm; 180摄氏度; 270摄氏度; The radial and axial clearance, and are recorded in the circle in the above and outside the circle. Measuring back to 0 & ordm; , you must agree with the original reading, or to find the reason, usually caused by axial channeling move or anchor bolt looseness. Measurement data must meet the following conditions, just said calculation is correct. Three, two tables to find is to pump the dial indicator, dial indicator to zero, to wheel rotation, get a number for every 90 degrees, dial indicator must back to zero, when turned back to the starting position about reading together, should be equal to the numerical value of the sum of. Then based on the analysis of reading out the relative space position status of the two axis, make appropriate adjustment according to the deviation. The deviation adjusting coupling to value first, and then adjust the height to the standard. Find positive formula: S1 = & plusmn; ( The axial difference ( Mouth absolute value) × Supporting feet 1 to the distance of measuring points) ÷ Measuring point diameter & plusmn; Circular radial thrust ( Poor) Value / 2; S2= ± ( The axial difference & times; Supporting feet 2 to the distance of measuring points) ÷ Measuring point diameter & plusmn; Circular radial thrust ( Poor) Value / 2. A & plusmn; : if the wheel is on the mouth, taking & other; +” Number; If it is under the mouth take & other; - - - - - - ” Number can be understood as a from top to bottom wall; Two & plusmn; : motor low & other; +” ; Motor high take & other; - - - - - - ” Can be understood as are listed in the table from top to bottom wall is written is write negative is negative. S1 is positive (. . . On the mouth and motor low) That should gasket, number of S1 is to pad the shim thickness. Another point gauge diameter points in rotating diameter, rather than coupling diameter. Adjust or so similar. Double table is find, good is good, but sometimes the axial displacement of a bad master. Novice luck maybe half a day to make uncertain, return from experience more than ten minutes! In 180 & deg; Place to add a table of axial. The so-called three tables are!
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