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by:J&T     2020-05-24

centrifugal pump small bad guys, the grinding people at boot time, must pay attention to a lot of matters, centrifugal pump startup need turn off export gate valves? Surprise! Reply. 。 。 。 。 。 。

1。 Why turn off export gate when centrifugal pump start?

at startup of the pump motor, pump outlet piping is not within the water, and also won't have the pipe friction resistance and improve the ratio frictional resistance, the centrifugal pump starts, centrifugal pump pump head is low, traffic is quite large, the pump motor ( Shaft power) 出口挺大( According to the pump characteristic curve) Immediately, it is very likely to be overweight, can make the pump motor and route, therefore starts to turn off the outlet valve, can only be for all the normal operation of pump.

if use axial flow fan, centrifugal pump is condition, in turn, is sure to open the valve, then the output power of the motor at least in the short term because there is no friction, will run large flow, often appear pump vibration, noise, and even motor overload operation, the motor damage. Turn off the outlet valve, the equivalent of human factors set working pressure and pipe resistance with pump all normal operation, the slow start gate, let along its characteristic curves of pump regularity in all the work gradually.

before starting the centrifugal pump make sure two points:

1, will be filled with water in the pump body, the goal is to produce a vacuum pump;

2. Be sure to turn off the stop valve on the outlet, so the centrifugal pumps that do not produce a total flow can reduce the motor starting current, is advantageous to the centrifugal water pump successfully launched, accompanied by centrifugal pumps complete start should be gradually open the valve immediately.

a centrifugal pump is a vacuum pump the water adsorption force generated by the impeller centrifugal force, therefore, centrifugal pump starts, be sure to turn off the outlet valve, water injection. Beyond the impeller position above the water line, line out the gases in the centrifugal pump, can only be started, after start-up, vacuum pump impeller peripheral, suck up the water, it can automatic open, refers to the water. So, be sure to turn off the outlet valve first.

2。 About centrifugal pump

a centrifugal pump is a kind of axial piston pump, with the help of a rotating impeller in the rotation process, because the leaves and the liquid force, leaves will be forward to fluid mechanical kinetic energy, make the liquid pressure can promote, the aim of transportation liquid. Centrifugal pump work has the following features:

(1) caused by the centrifugal pump in a certain speed than the pump head has a specified value. Midpoint traffic and shaft power to the pump connection equipment conditions of the system software ( A poor, differential pressure and pipe damage) 。 head changes according to the traffic.

(2) the work is smooth, transport, traffic and working pressure pulsation drinks.

3. General ability to work without a naturally aspirated, the pump must be first poured into liquid or pipe smoke into the vacuum after can begin to work.

4. Centrifugal water pump under the condition of pipe break off from start, vortex pumps and axial flow pump in gate valves open all cases, in order to reduce the output power.

in before starting the pump, liquid filling are transported in the pump body; After start-up, driven by axis high speed rotating impeller, liquid also must be accompanied by a rotating between the leaves. Under the effect of centrifugal force, the liquid from the impeller management center was put to the edge and get the kinetic energy, the left edge of the impeller at high speed into the volute pump body.

in the turbine casing, liquid for a port to expand slowly slow down, part of the mechanical energy can change to negative pressure, it will eventually work in high pressure injection line out of line, must sent to the site. Liquid flow into the edge by the impeller management center, management center in impeller produced certain vacuum pump, because the reservoir level above job pressure more than the pump inlet pressure, the liquid will be continued pressure in the impeller. If so, the impeller rotation, the liquid will be inhaled and discharged continuously.

3。 Other centrifugal pump start-up

all the above said is a centrifugal pump, according to other types of pumps, in the following:

1, big flow starting characteristics of axial flow pump - — Open the valve start

axial flow pump shaft power is larger, when the zero traffic condition is for the shaft power ratings of 140% ~ 200%, larger output power at least when traffic, so in order to start the power flow minimum, shaft power start characteristics should be a big traffic start ( Open the valve start) 。

2, start the characteristics of mixed flow pump - — Open the valve start

mixed flow pump work at zero traffic conditions among two kinds of pump shaft power closer to the stated, for the maximum power of 100% ~ 130%, so the starting characteristics of mixed flow pump among two pump should also be stated, it is best to start to open the valve.

3, start the characteristics of vortex pump - — Open the valve start

vortex pump shaft power is larger, when the zero traffic condition is for the shaft power ratings of 130% ~ 190%, so similar to axial flow pump and vortex pump start characteristics should be a big traffic start ( Open the valve start) 。

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