Centrifugal pump installation of water tank can solve low liquid water?

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Centrifugal pump is known to all, usually before use to water diversion irrigation lumen, centrifugal pump to ban idling, improper operation caused by idling tends to make the centrifugal pump failure damage, in order to avoid the trouble of filling cavity every time, before the pump installation of water tank, also known as siphon barrels, solve the problem of centrifugal pump suction; Also has the user install the bottom valve, because of medium problem, often encountered centrifugal pump because the bottom valve is leaking and unable to extract low water level and annoyance, often have to repair the bottom of the pump valve; Because of the certain working condition is not suitable for self-priming pump, or price factors and abandoned. Applicable method of bottom valve will be cancelled, and instead of the water tank is a simple, thus solved the problem of the water water pump can't often water, very applicable.
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