Centrifugal pump in the standby pump and the cautions of downtime -

by:J&T     2020-06-28

1, turning down the discharge valve slowly, until the flow to achieve the minimum flow.

2, cut off the power and stop the pump, close the outlet valve.

3, when there is a minimum flow bypass flux line, close the discharge valve, bypass valve fully open, and then cut off the power and stop the pump. Only when the temperature has dropped below 80 ℃, the heat pump to stop circulating water. stop after 20 minutes, stop sealing system (as the case may be Rinses and seal gas) 。

4, the standby pump, the suction valve fully open, the discharge valve fully closed ( When there is a minimum flow by-pass valve line, bypass valve fully open, the discharge valve fully closed) , so the pump in the full of the suction pressure of the liquid state. The standby pump cooling water should be put into use, a lubricating oil should not be below the oil level. In winter, should pay special attention to check, in order to keep the hotline and cooling water flow, avoid freezing.

5, the standby pump shall be in accordance with the provisions, the rotation.

6, for maintenance of the pump ( After downtime) , downtime ( Cooling) Turn off after the dry gas seal system of nitrogen gas inlet valve, release the pressure of seal indoor, and then the liquid in the pump and cooling water from the cooling system, makes the pressure inside the pump down to zero, scavenging pump within the remaining material, close all valves, and substation power outages. The scene processing should comply with the health and safety requirements of environmental protection.

centrifugal pump switch

switch pump, should strictly ensure traffic system and the principle of constant pressure. It is forbidden to evacuate or pump.

normally switch:

1, the standby pump should be prepared to start all work.

2, open the suction valve of the standby pump ( To pump injection liquid and waste gas) The backup pump will start, according to the normal process.

3, check the spare pump outlet pressure, current, vibration, leakage, temperature, etc. , if everything is normal, can open the discharge valve opening gradually, at the same time, gradually reduce the running pump discharge valve opening, to maintain the system flow, the pressure remains constant. When the standby pump outlet pressure and flow rate to normal, shut down the original running of pump discharge valve, cut off the power and press the button to stop the pump.

an emergency switch:

switching refers to the centrifugal pump in case of an emergency such as fuel injection, such as motor fire, pump damage accident.

4, every effort should be made to start the standby pump preparation.

5, cut off the power of the running pump, pump, start the standby pump.

6, open the standby pump discharge valve, make the outlet flow and pressure reach the specified value.

7, close the original running of water pump discharge and suction valves, deal with the accident.

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