Centrifugal pump in operation could adversely affect one suddenly loses power?

by:J&T     2020-06-18
Centrifugal pump is widely used, mainly by: pump body, bracket, motor parts, such as centrifugal pump in operation, suddenly cut off the power supply, centrifugal pump and motor can rotate freely, it will cause serious damage on the system. and prime mover is usually only a small moment of inertia and centrifugal pump to stop quickly and smoothly, unless the line is very short, and the liquid inertia will continue to make energetic flow of liquid, and the deceleration of the pump is to play the role of a like a throttle valve. In the discharge line pressure drops rapidly, in some cases, the pump outlet or along the line of a certain height, the pressure may be lower than the atmospheric pressure. Centrifugal pump power outages and all of a sudden power outage transition process is as follows: in this exercise stages of low head, called down wave ( dounsnrge) 。 At this time, because of the liquid column separation completely, can make the pressure is low enough to cause the degree of evaporation. In separation period, therefore, because of the external air pressure and can lead to the destruction of the line, this kind of situation has happened many times. When the liquid column separation again, after the shock pressure may be enough to break the line or pump to take. Close the discharge valve in the line can only make things worse, as a result, the valve should be according to the procedure operation, before the start of the back, even close should close very little. Backflow valve can be used to control, or use or close to the exit into the air at the exit of discharge line emptying approach to control. If there is no resistance, go back to make the pump stop, and then reverse rotate faster. Put, the pump will decrease and loss due to system friction touch the effective static head of runaway speed like turbine rotate accordingly. However, when has formed the backflow, reverse rotation speed may exceed runaway speed under steady state, and achieve considerable value. Reverse rotation speed along with the increase of the water pump efficiency and ratio of revolution. Calculation shows that reverse speed is more than 150% of the rated speed. In choosing a prime mover, especially when selecting large motor should be considered. In the back, in the discharge line produce called rising wave ( dounsnrge) The pressure to rise. Rise wave usually occurs when reverse rotation speed is reached not long ago, it caused by the pressure can exceed 60% of the centrifugal water pump outlet pressure rating or higher.
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