Centrifugal pump idling what harm -

by:J&T     2020-05-24

centrifugal pump idling on the harm of the pump, may cause cavitation or mechanical seal damage. Today, I would like to discuss with you the reason and harm of centrifugal pump idling. Centrifugal pump idling

the cause of the pump inlet medium or inadequate inlet pressure is insufficient, or the pump inlet pipe blockage, or water pump chamber air discharge.

the dangers of centrifugal water pump idling

impact on pump mainly includes the following aspects:

( 1) Large amount of idle gas inside the pump, easy to cause cavitation, damage to the pump body and flow components;

( 2) Mechanical seals or packing seal no liquid lubrication, dry grinding easily to wear and tear;

( 3) Idling of multistage centrifugal pump lubrication (balance board is not anyone The public number: pump manager) 。 Balance board will soon be burnt and damaged.

( 4) No liquid when idle running. Rotor and the pump will heat up and not cool. Due to thermal expansion and contraction, and some of the gap, Such as seal ring) It is easy to be eliminated.

warning and maintenance

( 1) Handle each centrifugal pump clearance, and under the condition of allowing its, in case the bite dead;

( 2) Axis of centrifugal pump is special craft processing, quenching tempering, heat treatment, etc. , in order to improve the hardness, and low flexibility material is adopted to prevent shaft was bitten to death by swinging too when idle;

( 3) Use machines don't need a liquid medium lubrication sealing and filling the cavity;

( 4) Using closed self-lubricating bearings, don't come on;

( 5) Compared with other centrifugal pump, horizontal self-priming centrifugal pump in the pump chamber volume increase, there is a storage place. Self-priming centrifugal pump work properly before, inner chamber should be filled with liquid. For a time before running is self-priming, during that time, the air is continuous discharge outside of pump. This period belongs to the part of the idle.

( 6) Set the idle speed induction system. The pump by modern equipment real-time monitoring. Centrifugal pump when idle, alarm and automatically stop immediately, in order to protect the security of the unit.

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