Centrifugal pump, heat pump to reduce energy consumption, improve the efficiency of pump unit _

by:J&T     2020-05-24

1。 Replacement, centrifugal pump for the selected parameters close to the actual operating conditions, to ensure that the change of running status of water pump always. And before we do after the replacement of a centrifugal pump efficiency contrast experiment, the experimental results show that change of the pump efficiency is low, consumption is high, the pump can improve the efficiency of about 10%.

2。 The application of frequency conversion technology. Described the design parameter is greater than the centrifugal pump's actual operating conditions, the frequency control device after the installation, always running in the area.

3。 In the main centrifugal pump promote the use of new energy-saving permanent magnet motor speed and energy saving products such as hybrid motor.

4。 Centrifugal pump selection. Choose the new pump, should choose big manufacturer pump, centrifugal pump, the reliability.

5。 Centrifugal pump maintenance.

( 1) The centrifugal pump shaft seal should always check and adjustment, in order to reduce volume loss;

( 2) When the cumulative ħ centrifugal pump, should repair, the recovery efficiency of the pump;

( 3) In centrifugal pump bellows seal technology application, to eliminate the centrifugal leakage, increase the volumetric efficiency.

6。 Regular cleaning filter tank, check the wiring, in order to ensure open centrifugal pump suction catheter.

7。 In strict accordance with the rules, before the start of a centrifugal pump is a pump, open the inlet valve, close the outlet valve, exhaust emissions, check the pump inlet pressure, in order to meet the requirements. Low fluid supply pressure and prevent caused by a lack of pump cavitation flow.

8。 When the centrifugal pump is used to accommodate large pumping liquid, when the material, the size of the slurry flow is small, tangential into the cylindrical chamber to form vortex in the liquid, and from the negative room in part of liquid along the tangential; The axial injection to pulp chamber, eddy current will be from the remaining big material and slurry liquid separation; And the rest of the slurry liquid from the axial direction of the chamber, and sprayed in the entrance of the centrifugal pump; Materials used in the injection liquid centrifugal pump for the formation of eddy current, so as to reduce wear and improve the efficiency of centrifugal impeller centrifugal pump.

9。 When the centrifugal pump with large size materials as a small size of the liquid material flow and reduce the wear and increase the efficiency of centrifugal impeller centrifugal pump, the method, its characteristic is that it includes: a spray tangential swirl chamber of a vortex to, and from the chamber along the tangent direction to eliminate part of the liquid; Described b paste into axial chamber, eddy current material of large size will be taken from the rest of the paste and liquid separation; Stay in C and is removed from the chamber of the axial direction of the liquid, and the entrance into a centrifugal pump; Materials used in centrifugal pumps out to form vortex injection liquid d; Towards large size materials, therefore, the outside of the eddy current is expelled, it leads to a small, and the size of the liquid material is injected into the pump and reducing the wear of the impeller, and allows high speed pump operation, so as to improve the efficiency.

10。 Ordinary centrifugal pump efficiency test, pump pump efficiency is low, help to find the reasons and take corresponding measures to solve them.

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