Centrifugal pump fit - causes and the corresponding measures

by:J&T     2020-05-24

when the centrifugal pump work under the minimum flow rate, flow experience within the pump causing severe reflux, lead to rising temperature and vibration.

time is one of the many reasons centrifugal pump failure. When it happens, will be accompanied by the following conditions:

( 1) , motor current decline

( 2) Pressure fluctuations,

(3), flow abnormal fluctuations

( 4) Sound, noise,

5. body vibration

6 pump cylinder temperature rise

time is the greatest enemy of mechanical seal.

in the process of the pump or time after time

1) body vibration, mechanical seal will continue to intermittent static ring collision, lead to leakage. In serious cases, mechanical seal failure.

2) The dynamic static mechanical seal ring compression is the sum of medium pressure and spring pre-tightening force ( At the beginning) 。 After emptying, medium pressure does not exist, dynamic contact pressure will reduce the static ring, seal failure.

3) after the time, use the rinse solution ( The box pumping medium flushing) Mechanical seal dynamic static ring end face loss of cooling and lubrication, resulting in dry friction and mechanical seal failure. See this article about seal thermal cracking section.

to centrifugal pump and the corresponding measures:

1) reasons: centrifugal pump suction air

measures: stop the pump, check whether centrifugal pump suction pipe and the flange leakage;

( 2) Reason: the centrifugal pump inlet blocked

measures: should stop water pump check leakage inlet pipeline centrifugal pump, filter, and impeller, after purging should be for maintenance.

(3) reasons: lack of the centrifugal water pump inlet pressure

measures: should increase the entry level of back pressure;

4. Reason: the centrifugal pump inlet medium temperature is too high, excessive saturated steam

measures: to reduce the medium temperature, the steam within the centrifugal pump discharge completely.

5. Reason: centrifugal pump suction valve to open or valve core loss

measures: should be open for maintenance or replacement pump valve.

⑥。 Reason: centrifugal pump outlet opening is too big ( Small)

measures: to adjust the opening of the valve.

7: the centrifugal water pump seal oil

measures: sealed tank should be dehydrated

today: centrifugal pump tower or container level low or no liquid level;

measures: centrifugal pump outlet valve should be temporarily shut down or stop the water pump, until the liquid level rise.

pet-name ruby: centrifugal pump impeller or internal grinding ring and serious.

measures: should be replaced in due course

attending reasons: centrifugal pump motor reversal

measures: to should timely adjust.

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