Centrifugal pump bearing is good with good lubricating oil or grease?

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Centrifugal pump is commonly used in the production of industrial water pump, centrifugal pump bearing lubrication in need, is a lubricating oil or grease, anhui gold fluorine plastic centrifugal pump adopts closed bearings do not need to refuel, can normal running. Many different kinds of bearing, roller bearing in the production of a large number of use, is the basis of the mechanical equipment accessories. Is the role of rolling bearing between the shaft and the shaft seat sliding friction into rolling friction, in the process of rolling bearing operation, can cause bearing heating and rolling friction wear, in order to reduce friction and damage, rolling bearing lubrication is run time required. A, what method of lubricating rolling bearing can use 1, 2, oil lubrication with grease lubrication, lubrication of rolling bearings rolling bearing lubrication oil lubrication way, can achieve very good cooling, cooling effect, especially suitable for the rolling bearing working temperature is higher. The lubricating oil viscosity of rolling bearing using about 0. 12 to 0. Between 2 cm/s, if the rolling bearing of high load, high working temperature, choose the lubricating oil with high viscosity and fast speed of rolling bearing is suitable for low viscosity lubricating oil. Rolling bearing lubrication oil on the downside, oil lubrication bearing must be kept in good sealing state, to avoid oil leakage. In addition, oil lubrication need to set up more complex oil supply device, as grease is convenient in operation and using, increased maintenance workload of rolling bearings. 3, rolling bearing grease lubrication of rolling bearing lubrication grease as the medium, its advantage is that the liquidity of the grease is small, it is not easy to leak, the formation of oil film strength is good, in favor of the seal of the rolling bearing is used. At the same time, the rolling bearing lubrication grease lubrication can also extend to maintain time, makes bearing maintenance more simple. Rolling bearings with grease lubrication there are also disadvantages, compared grease and lubricating oil, the friction torque is bigger, applicability for the need of high speed rolling bearing is low. In addition, grease lubrication cooling performance is poor, if add too much grease in the rolling bearing, also caused by mixing lubricant rolling bearing overheating.
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