Centrifugal pump - assembly process requirements

by:J&T     2020-05-24

centrifugal water pump assembly production process requires a lot of practice to observe carefully, understand by heart. Now some priority production processes of internship is to do a show.

1, the bearing assembly

bearing all centrifugal pump is a very important prefabricated, the service life of the damage to the water pump immediately, and the bearing assembly on the performance of the bearing damage is quite large, so the bearing assembly has a lot of specific requirements, such as with temperature, the lateral clearance to adjust this, to master, in the internship experience.

2, mouth ring assembly

mouth ring assembly quality immediately hurt hydroelectric power performance of the water pump, but the mouth ring assembly is very easy to cause deformation, in order to solve this kind of deformation and damage, there are some modification method in production and processing. Internship can be seen in the mouth ring gap is how to calculate the shape error is how.

3, the adjustment of the bearing housings

practice observation bearing cover how to adjust, adjusting to what level, how to handle.

4, sealing installation

the internship to mastery of the types of sealing objectively. Observing shipping container closure, packing seal installation method.

5, coupling installation

watch coupling is looking for a diesel engine engine timing how to accurately measure how to adjust. How to according to the two shaft diameter the dial indicator reading master the position of each other.

master membrane structure, performance of shafts. Because of the practice time is shorter, practice to social practice actively, make sure you safe little common sense.

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