Centrifugal circulation pump power losses and balance

by:J&T     2020-06-23
Chemical desulfurization, sewage treatment, the application of the circulating pump is common, circulating pump usually adopts the centrifugal circulation water pumps, anti-corrosion type, drainage type, ordinary type cast iron, such as centrifugal circulation pump in use power loss what reason, what is the relationship between the balance of the centrifugal pump, in the face of this knowledge introduction to do; 1, what is the balance? Balance points a few class? 1) Eliminate the unbalanced rotating parts or components of work called balance; 2) Balance can be divided into two kinds of dynamic balance and static balance. 2, what is a static balance? A: where there are some special tooling, do not need to rotate under the status of the front of the determination of imbalances in the rotating parts, at the same time, should add the size and location of the unbalanced force can be determined, this find balance method is called static balance. 3, what is a dynamic balance? A: every part rotates in parts, not only should focuses on balance the centrifugal force generated by the, but also the balance of the balance of centrifugal force moment of couple called dynamic balance. Dynamic balance is commonly used in high speed, large diameter, work precision machine parts of special strict, must do the precise dynamic balance. 4, in the centrifugal pump power loss by what? Answer: there are three kinds of loss: hydraulic loss, volumetric loss, mechanical loss. 1) Hydraulic loss: in the pump body of fluid flow, if the flow is smooth, the resistance is smaller, the flow channel coarse, resistance became larger flow into the rotation of the impeller or water flow out of the impeller is caused by collision and the vortex loss is produced. Above two kinds of loss is called the hydraulic loss. 2) Volume loss: the impeller is rotating, and pump body is static fluid in a small gap between the impeller and the pump body back into the impeller of the imported; In addition, some fluid from balance hole back into the impeller imports, or from the shaft seal leakage. If it is a multistage water pump, from part of balance disc to leakage. These losses, volume loss; 3) Mechanical loss: shaft and bearing in turns to, filler, such as friction, turn impeller in the pump body, impeller cover plate to fluid friction, before and after are part of the power consumption, which caused by mechanical friction loss, always become mechanical loss. 4, do static balancing of rotating parts, focuses on to balance parts to determine the location? A: first of all to be balance on the balance tooling free rolling several times, if one is clockwise, after the parts of the right side of the center of gravity must be located in the vertical center line ( Because of the friction resistance relationship) , at this point in the parts of low, made a white chalk marks, and then let the parts free rolling, after a roll pendulum is finished in a counterclockwise direction, the focus must be balanced parts is located in the left of the vertical centerline, also make a mark in white chalk, then record the weight of the two is lay particular stress on bearing. 5, a static balancing of rotating parts, how to determine the size of the balance weight? A: first of all the parts of the bearing to the horizontal position of lay particular stress on, and on the other side the position of the symmetrical circle with appropriate optimal weight. To this point should be considered when choose a suitable heavy parts, whether for weight and weight loss in the future, and after the optimum weight plus, remain horizontal position or slight swing, turn 180 degrees, then the parts to keep its level, repeated several times, after the optimum weight to determine the same,'ll take out the optimal weight according to weight, that determine the size of counterbalance gravity. 6, in production practice, the rotor to find balance according to what is it? Answer: according to the different revolutions and structure, can choose static balance method or dynamic balance method. The rotator can use static balance method to solve the static balance. Static balance can balance of revolving centre of gravity of imbalance, Eliminate the moment) , not eliminate the imbalance of couple. So the static balance generally applies only to the relatively small diameter disc of revolving body. For diameter larger body of revolution, dynamic balancing problems tend to be more common and prominent, so want to deal with dynamic balancing. 7, mechanical rotor unbalance types have? A: the static and dynamic imbalance imbalance and mixed imbalance.
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