Caliper do you know how to use it, one minute to master!

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Chemical water pump production assembly, calipers accurate measurement is the size of the main tools, vernier caliper is also commonly used in industrial production of measuring the length of the instrument, can be directly used to measure the high precision of artifacts, such as length, diameter, outside diameter and depth of the workpiece, etc. In daily work, a lot of people can use, how many users are often see the specific use or a little knowledge, vernier caliper seems simple, but you really use for? Today we will have a look at the correct use of the vernier caliper. Make it a minute master! Note 1 before use. Use only a small amount of micrometer lubricating oil reference face and sliding parts. 2. Whole trip mobile feet frame, confirm if stuck, etc. 3. After measuring surface cleaning, make its joint, confirm the following content: s lateral plane of measurement: on the light, see the light is normal. With besmirch, debris or burr when not fully fit, sometimes we can see the light. Aim s inside of measurement surface: light source, can only see a little light status is normal. S please make sure the reference point. Note 1 after use. After use, make sure each part with and without damage and will be clean as a whole. In attachment there is water-soluble cutting oil and other places, when using after cleaning, please do the antirust processing. 2. Open the amount of lateral claw 0. 2 ~ 2 mm or so, don't need to tighten the fastening screws. 3. Not in the place of high temperature and high humidity, dust and oil pollution. Such as using the digital display caliper, if long-term when not in use, please remove the battery.
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