Buy water ring vacuum pump need to pay attention to detail parameters at eight o 'clock? _

by:J&T     2020-05-18

the working principle of water ring vacuum water pump, as everybody knows, is gas by pipeline through a valve into the water ring pump or compressor, and then the 'air pipe bending into gas water separator, bullishness of water separator exhaust pipes. Water ring vacuum pump industry widely used, such as electronics, battery chemical, plastic, paper, packaging and printing press, CNC, PCB, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, the main technology of vacuum filter, vacuum water diversion, vacuum feeding, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum resurgence and vacuum degassing, and so on, so buy water ring vacuum pump should pay attention to what issues? Below summarizes the eight important parameters which cannot be ignored:

1, the water ring vacuum pump in the working pressure, should be able to come in during the process of vacuum process equipment all the gas quantity.

2, in view of the gas is pumped to choose corresponding water ring vacuum pump. Such as steam, particle in the gas, and corrosive gas, should be considered in the pump inlet pipe installation of auxiliary equipment, such as condenser, filter, etc.

3, water ring vacuum pump working pressure should satisfy the requirement of the vacuum equipment limit of vacuum and work pressure. Usually choose limiting vacuum pump is higher than vacuum vacuum equipment work half to one order of magnitude.

4, water ring vacuum pump vibration of working with and without influence to the technological process and the environment, if the process does not allow, should choose no vibration of the vacuum pump or vibration control measures.

5, vacuum equipment requirement for oil pollution. If equipment strict with oil free, should choose a variety of oil pump. If not strict, you can choose to have the oil pump, add some oil pollution prevention measures.

6, water ring vacuum pump oil vapor of impact on the environment. If pollution is not permitted in the environment, can choose no oil and water ring vacuum pump, or the oil steam exhaust to the outside.

7, properly combined water ring vacuum pump. Some water ring vacuum water pump can't work under atmospheric pressure, to a vacuum; Some export pressure below atmospheric pressure, will need backing pump, so the pump needs to be combined use.

8, the price of water ring vacuum pumps, operation and maintenance costs.

water ring vacuum pump selection is very important, the correct selection can achieve high efficiency and saving energy consumption, many clients useful import water ring vacuum pump and the domestic water ring vacuum pump, if the economy allowed cases, can buy a German imports, foreign technology is relatively better, but both imported water ring vacuum pump and the domestic water ring type vacuum pump as long as the economy and parameters can meet the demands of its own that is most appropriate.

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