Bricks and tiles plant with vacuum pump energy saving _

by:J&T     2020-05-25

before the news information, this paper introduces the types of vacuum pump used bricks and tiles plant and main application of the vacuum extruder, but did not involve the energy consumption of the vacuum extruder, under the condition of the economical society now, each tile enterprises how to save energy to become a very important work, is also saved the cost for bricks and tiles plant.

because many bricks are extensive enterprise long term business, caused the serious waste of energy. Extruder ( Including the vacuum extruder and vacuum extruder) Is the main equipment, brick and tile production line for bricks and tiles plant energy saving is important, but a lot of bricks and tiles plant extruder configuration and considerable waste caused by improper use.

due to some brick factory take extensive business for a long time, the vacuum extruder has been causing severe energy waste with high power vacuum pump. Due to the poor sealing, 450 mm vacuum extruder are commonly adopted 22 kw vacuum pump, vacuum often can not meet the requirements. In recent years some brick factory house sealing parts made some improvement on vacuum system, the performance of the vacuum water pump also had the very big enhancement, now 5. 5 kw of mechanical vacuum pump can completely satisfy the amount of 500 mm or even more the need of vacuum extruder, can also maintain high vacuum degree for a long time.

compared with both power consumption decreased 4 times as much, this is a positive achievement. The effective energy saving measures, however, has not paid great attention for people, a lot of brick factory even some in the production of 'energy saving brick machine' brick factory, whether in the production of 450, or 400 vacuum extruder is typically 15 kw even 22 kw vacuum water pump, aeriform in to the vacuum brick machine increased nearly 3 ~ 4 times of power consumption, causing unnecessary waste. In order to let all vacuum extruder achieve energy saving, to vacuum extruder must be under 600 with 5. 5 kw vacuum pump, vacuum system of the power consumption at low level. When installation should pay attention to, the MH - Type 2 mechanical valve type oil sealing vacuum water pump, it must be corresponding air filter device, in order to avoid damage to the pump body, at the same time, when installed to prevent the sealing oil leakage and loss.

what has been discussed above, energy conservation has become each enterprise indispensable important measures, only the change of the concept can completely change the fate of the enterprise, at the same time also will not lack technical reform step, tile enterprises energy saving problem although there are many problems at this stage, but with the gradual progress of the society, believe that this problem will solve step by step.

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