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best pool cover water pump submersible motor for swimming

best pool cover water pump submersible motor for swimming

best pool cover water pump submersible motor for swimming
  • best pool cover water pump submersible motor for swimming
  • best pool cover water pump submersible motor for swimming
  • best pool cover water pump submersible motor for swimming

best pool cover water pump submersible motor for swimming

Quality assurance is guaranteed in JT.
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Application Scope
J&T INDUSTRY's water pump supplier can be used in multiple industries.J&T INDUSTRY always focuses on meeting customers' needs. We are dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and quality solutions.
Company Advantages
1. The structure of pool cover water pump is frequently renovate to make it be characterized by swimming pool cover pump .
2. Our strict quality control procedures ensure that our products are of good quality.
3. Quality assurance is guaranteed in JT.
4. It is a good sign that the sales network of JT has been developing fast.
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Pump's Application

this is a submersible,magnetically driven centrfugal pump that is designed specifically for the purpose of removing water off the top of swimming pool covers.

This pump is equipped with a garden hose adapter. A standard garden hose should be attched to this adapter and be used to direct waste water from the pool.

This pump is equipped with a pre-filter pad, designed to prevent debris from clogging the pump chamber and damaging the pump.This filter pad should be washed clean regularly

Product parameters


Power w

Max.Flow L/h

Max.Head m

Dia. Of pipe 

Master carton  mm/12pcs

GW kgs















220-240V/50HZ,110V/60HZ, models are available on request


  • • 25 Foot Cord

  • • 800 Gallons Per Hour! AUTOMATIC ON/OFF

  • •100% Submersible! Hooks up to standard garden hose!

  • •Perfect for draining water off pool covers!

  • •Can also Pump out entire Pool, Well, Pond

  • Easy to clean reusable replaceable filter pad

  • • Oil-free designs for the eco-minded user

  • • Simple installation for quick setup

  • UL listed

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best pool cover water pump submersible motor for swimming-3

Pump's material

    Pump body: Plastic

    Impeller: Plastic

    Motor Closed, externally ventilated

    Insulation class: B

    Protection class: IPX8

Company Features
1. Being skilled at offering the most considerate service, JT also has the ability to manufacture pool cover water pump .
2. J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has gained fruitful technology achievements with the help of solid technical foundation.
3. We encourage act with integrity to fulfill our corporate responsibility. We're honest, transparent in operation and always committed to doing what’s best for customers and company, such as keeping promises and abiding contracts. Integrity is our business philosophy. We work with transparent timelines and maintain a deeply collaborative process, ensuring we meet every client's specific needs. We are committed to driving Sustainability Best Practices throughout our supply chain. We reduce CO2 emissions in the overall production value chain. The company culture is to encourage to stay open-minded. We take in individual differences, especially differences in minds, ideas, and mindsets. These differences will strengthen our team's ability by combining different backgrounds, experiences, world views, and expertise.
JT pool cover water pump is of guaranteed quality. It is tested to ensure that the basic features are in place. These include things like flammability ratings, wicking standards, abrasion resistance, and more. Constructed of durable materials, it has a protective shield for its surface
The quality of JT pool cover water pump is ensured. It has passed laboratory tests for air, water, and structural resistance, heat transmission, condensation resistance, sound transmission, and operability. Its mechanical action effectively delivers the liquid to the hydraulic system
New technology has been applied in JT pool cover water pump. It is developed adopting the latest energy-conserving technology which is frequently used in the international energy-saving appliances.
The quality control of JT pool cover water pump is carried out rigorously. It will be tested in terms of its timber moisture content, agglutination, painting, door face polishing, and so on.
Advanced inspection measures are used in the production of JT pool cover water pump, such as coordinate measuring machine, gauges, roughness tester, and hardness tester. Adopting ergonomics, this product is safe and convenient for use
The product is characterized by its high color rendering value. Its colors will remain true and natural to the surrounding. It can handle fluids that are too viscous for other pumps
The product is weather-resistant. Considering the influence of climatic factors on its stability, high-resistant materials are selected for manufacturing to stand up the challenge of temperatures. Its delivery per cycle remains constant regardless of changes in pressure
The product features high CRI. Its light is naturally close to the sun's, dramatically improves the appearance of an object. It can be designed for the uses of water delivery, recycling, and condensation
The product is not easy to build up the heat. Its components are designed to effectively draw the heat out of the light and then transfer it into the air. It can work with diesel, machine oil, and transformer oil
The product is breakage resistant. Thanks to its robust construction, it is largely immunes to vibrations and other impacts. Compared to other traditional pumps, it features less vibration
The product features temperature stability. It is operational in extremely cold or hot conditions without being affected by the temperature variations. This product can transport liquid with a very high-temperature degree
The product has great economic benefits and huge market potential, and has been widely used at home and abroad. Constant running is guaranteed owing to its close-tolerance fit between element and case
With excellent economic returns, this product is considered to be the most promising product on the market. It can be designed with a constant or variable torque characteristic
With so many advantages, the product has a vast application prospect. The efficiencies of this product run as high as 90% under optimum conditions
The product enjoys high reputation in the market and has a great market application prospect. With a pressure filter, it features excellent suction capacity
The positive market response indicates the good market prospect of the product.
The product has received positive feedback from customers. Featuring high-strength wear resistance, it's suitable for various industrial applications
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