Bellows trap using principle of what?

by:J&T     2020-06-27
In production, the use of the chemical water pump installation, the valve is a very common configuration of the equipment, the valve is widely used, sort is various, use the position and the performance is different also, here are the bellows type water valve using principle of what? Bellows type steam trap valve core stainless steel corrugated tube filling a vaporization temperature lower than that of water saturation temperature of the liquid. Change with steam temperature control switch valve, the valve is equipped with adjusting bolt, can be used according to need to adjust the temperature, the average degree of supercooling adjusting range below the saturation temperature 15 ℃ - 40℃。 Back pressure is greater than 70%, is not afraid of cold, small size, can be installed at any position, can not condensate gas, long service life. Appear when the device is started, pipe cooling water, liquid in a condensed state, corrugated tube valve core under the elasticity of spring, in an open position. When the temperature of the condensed water is increasing, the corrugated tube liquid evaporated inflation, higher internal pressure, deformation and elongation, drives the valve core to close the direction, before condensate saturation temperature, steam trap began to close, with the steam temperature control valve switch, vapor barrier drainage.
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