Before the vacuum pump commissioning test - ready to load

by:J&T     2020-05-30

vacuum pump unit commissioning preparation:

( 1) Open the cooling water inlet valve and check whether the cooling water is clear.

( 2) The lengthening shaft seal chamber and oil cup full of lubricating oil. Gear box and bearing box of lubricating oil added to three-quarters of the diameter of the oil window height. Lubricating oil is provided by 1 vacuum pump.

( 3) In the following situations when using, must adopt corresponding measures:

a. When the presence of dust or particles in gas, should be installed in front of the suction filter or filter;

if inhaled corrosive gas, and measures must be taken.

c。 If inhaled gas containing water vapor, when choosing the backing pump of oil seal mechanical pump, oil seal mechanical pump unit shall be equipped with a gas ballast. If too much water vapor, you must install the condenser.

vacuum pump unit load test run:

( 1) Start the booster pump

( 2) Open the booster pump drainage on the by-pass pipe valves and roots vacuum pump into the exhaust valve.

( 3) When the system pressure reaches the roots vacuum pump to allow inlet pressure, close the valve on the by-pass pipe and restart the roots vacuum pump. Without by-pass pipe and valve, pressure in the system to achieve the roots vacuum pump to allow inlet pressure after start the roots vacuum water pump. If adopt automatic control unit, the boot process can be automated.

( 4) According to the actual situation of the vacuum system, if not large sealing system, can start the booster pump roots vacuum pump. If is a large vacuum system, although the overflow valve roots vacuum pump overload protection function, but given the economy, should be in the first stage pump pump to start the roots vacuum pump after certain pressure.

( 5) When stop closing level before oil seal mechanical pump gas ballast valve ( If the backing pump in the open air when using town) 。 Second, close the roots vacuum pump inlet valve, and gradually stop mechanical booster pump, water pump before the last stop. It is forbidden to make wrong parking program. Immediately before stop the pump at the same time, give the backing pump inlet gas, and close the cooling water inlet valve; If you need to stop using it for a long time, or to prevent winter frost crack, you have to get rid of all the water in the cooling jacket.

the matters of attention in the vacuum pump unit operation:

( 1) Operations must be in strict accordance with the technical specifications of the roots vacuum pump. Under normal circumstances, the roots vacuum pump inlet pressure is less than 1330 mpa, the biggest inlet pressure should not exceed the maximum allowable inlet pressure. If more than, the relief valve ZJP roots vacuum pump can be automatic protection, but the protection is the motor overload protection. If long time work more than the maximum allowed entry pressure pump, pump failure due to overheating.

( 2) Pay attention to all parts of the pump motor load and temperature rise. During normal operation, the highest temperature rise of the pump shall not exceed 40 ℃. The highest temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.

( 3) Should not be in the operation of the irregular abnormal vibration.

( 4) If found in the operation of the motor overload, high temperature, abnormal sound, vibration, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check the reason, troubleshooting.

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