Before install corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump, the pump foundation how to get?

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Note 1 on the foundation of the water pump. Support the pumps and related equipment. 2. Through the foundation vibration and the dynamic stress ( And soil) Effective transmission out, reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of these vibrations. The foundation of the feet and its center of gravity should be aware of. Dynamic pressure of pump and pump Height difference between the center of gravity of the foundation system should try to be small. Very roughly, for small pump group ( < 1 MW) And that the foundations of the low height ( Thickness) Should be 0. 4 meters, large pump set to 0. 8 m. foundation matrix should be around with all the machinery of isolated structure, the foundation of the pump and installation system design and implementation of the main problem is the & other; Vibration & throughout; 。 Vibration energy through the foundation in the form of wave in and out of the ground, which is absorbed by the soil. But the overall structure of the pump and the foundation in the event of rupture, breakage or separation will hinder the vibration wave transmission. Error handling might reduce the design strength of concrete by as much as 50%. The correct approach is, in a long enough time to keep the constant humidity and temperature of concrete, so that it can meet the need of the compression and tensile strength. selection: there are two main types of foundation concrete foundation and pile foundation. Should be all the selection of water pump concrete foundation plan. In order to prevent the resonance occurs, should try various methods in the foundation of the natural frequency and excitation frequency of the pump generate enough between frequency separation. By increasing the area can improve the inherent frequency of the foundation, and increase the weight of the foundation can reduce the natural frequency. Normally, for this type of foundation, at the same time of increasing longitudinal natural frequency could not increase the horizontal natural frequency. But, easier to control than concrete pile foundation, can adjust the natural frequency of the foundation of individual. In a relatively hard at the base of the concrete foundation of inherent frequency may be in 30 - 50 hz ( 1800 - 3000 rpm) , usually close to some commonly used pumps, operation frequency of the motor or other drives. By changing the number and diameter of pile, the inherent vertical and swing frequency may be increased, while keeping the transverse natural frequency is constant. Pile foundation can fine-tune horizontal natural frequency and the adjustable vertical swaying and inherent frequency ( It may be some special pump requirements) 。 If the soil is hard ( Or softer) , it may increase ( Or lower) Natural frequency, thus there are resonance may occur. Comprehensive two kinds of results, good idea is to make two sets of composite soil condition, show the soft and hard soil condition respectively. Sensitivity analysis is helpful to determine the pump foundation of design. The design of pile ( Earth pile diameter, pile number and other) Should be optimized. For key large power pump ( More than 1 MW) , it is recommended that the following standard about dynamics and foundation design: 1. For the center of the foundation, vibration limits usually is 0. 3 - 1 mm/s。 2. On the ground surface, Or the position of the foundation bolt) , usually adopt vibration limit range is 1 - 2 mm/s。 3. For bearing shell, vibration limits can be specified as 2 - 4 mm/s。 The above mentioned limitation applies only to not happen resonance ( Or will not occur fatigue failure) The occasion. In other words, in all of the excitation frequency and inherent frequency should be kept between 15 - 20% of the allowance. In the construction site, soil shear modulus of soil testing may have very big difference.
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