Basic troubleshooting methods - vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-07-01

vacuum pump has become more and more common. Small make up today we are going to do to some simple failure and its elimination method is as follows, hope to be of help!

vacuum pump rotation is not smooth.

there is the usual cause of this situation, due to long-term unused or water temperature too high water pump room scale, lead to the disc end surface rust. Elimination method is to use 10% of oxalic acid filling pump cavity and soak for 30 minutes, then loosen the pump cover and turn the vehicle, or reduces the working fluid of the lower dirt coefficient.

vacuum pump motor don't work properly.

if non-synchronous motor, check whether the power connector. If the voltage is abnormal, check the power supply voltage; If the ac contactor is damaged, please replace.

the voice of the vacuum pump operation is not normal.

in general, this is due to start working fluid full of pump chamber. At this time, open the outlet to discharge part of the working fluid is enough to cut part of the working fluid in the water pump.

pump cannot form a

this is caused by two reasons. First of all, no working fluid. At this point, check the supply of working liquid. The second is the steering error, now need correction.

low vacuum degree of vacuum pump.

if because of the pump model caused by water pump speed is low, please replace the pump of high speed pump. If the working fluid are in short supply, must increase supplies. If the fluid temperature is too high, reduce the temperature must be. If the system leakage, check and plug the leak. If the disk or impeller is corrosion, inspect and replace the disc or impeller.

water ring vacuum pump too much electricity.

check whether caused by drain pipes up too high, if it is, to reduce the height of the drain. If because of the working fluid supply is too large, is enough to reduce the number of working fluid supply.

vacuum pump mechanical seal leakage

in general, this is because the guangdong SPECK pump in the absence of working fluid injection and coolant due to dry running. At this point, it is necessary to replace the mechanical seal and change the operating procedures.

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