- basic knowledge and common magnetic pump operation

by:J&T     2020-05-25

magnetic drive pump with static seal instead of dynamic seal, thoroughly solved the leakage problem. Mainly used for transportation of toxic or hazardous, flammable, explosive, corrosive and precious liquids. At present, the magnetic drive pump is widely used in the production of magnetic driving centrifugal pump. Currently using magnetic drive centrifugal pump is described below.

1。 Basic knowledge of the equipment

1. Principle 1

motor through the coupling links to external magnetic rotor, the impeller is connected to the inner magnetic rotor. Within the magnetic rotor and the outer magnetic rotor has completely sealed isolation between sets, fastening of sleeve on the pump cover, pump transmission medium in the form of static sealing seal in the pump body, will not leak out. When the outer magnetic rotor motor driven by the rotation, due to the internal and external magnetic rotor permanent magnet poles of attraction and repulsion between, along the magnetic rotor rotation together, so as to drive the pump shaft rotation, achieve the work of the liquid.

1。 2 equipment structure

magnetic water pump is mainly composed of shell, cover, pump body, etc. ) Composition. Within the outer magnetic rotor, the magnetic rotor and isolation sets, shaft, bearing, etc.

1。 Three main performance index

main parameters include: flow, lift, speed, power and efficiency.

1。 4 equipment USES

used for transportation of toxic or hazardous, flammable, explosive, corrosive and precious liquids.

2。 Start and stop the steps of

magnetic pump strict requirements in the process of running do not idle. Idle for a short period of time, even for a few seconds, can lead to the pump shaft fracture, bearing and isolate damage, inner and outer magnetic steel degaussing.

magnetic pump transmission medium does not allow to ferromagnetic impurities and hard impurities. Magnetic pump are not allowed to operate within a flow range less than 30% of the rating.

2。 1 before the start of examination and preparing

( 1) Prepare necessary drive tools: valve hook, wrench, etc.

( 2) Check the pump connection part of the screw tight, motor earthing line is in good condition, whether the valve is flexible to use.

( 3) Magnetic pump with rolling bearing box, check the oil quantity and quality requirements.

( 4) Barring no jamming phenomenon and the abnormal noise.

2。 Step 2 guide

( 1) Open the inlet valve and water pump.

( 2) Open the discharge valve fully exhaust.

( 3) Completely open the pump outlet valve, then close.

( 4) Start the motor, check the electric current and pressure.

( 5) After stable outlet pressure, slowly open the outlet valve, control the outlet pressure.

2。 Daily check and maintenance of 3

( 1) Check whether there is any abnormal noise, vibration and loose fasteners on equipment.

( 2) Main check current, temperature and outlet pressure is normal, whether leak.

2。 Step 4 closed

( 1) Close the outlet valve.

( 2) Stop the motor.

( 3) Close the inlet valve.

3。 The common failures and solutions

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