Attention! Before starting the chemical centrifugal pump use?

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump starts not water, is often due to the air in the pump is not caused by a row of net, water is not full of. Chemical centrifugal pump ( In addition to the self-priming pump, self-priming pump before the first use of water) Before the start to the pump inflow tube filled with water, otherwise can't pumping pump works. Before the start of the water filling method basically has two kinds: one kind is the assembly of bottom valve filling water, bottom valve check valve, installed in the inlet pipe of imports, the downside of this approach is the bottom valve head loss is bigger; The other is without bottom valve filling water. 1, siphon bucket: before starting the water pump, first will be sealed tank filled with water. starts, the pump from the siphon water, because the water tank water level drop tank to form a certain vacuum, into the water in the pool will be under the action of atmospheric pressure, the pressure pipe into the tank, thus forming the water cycle, the normal operation of pump start. For small pumping stations without bottom valve, vacuum tank filled with water can be used. Is known as water tank, vacuum siphon barrel with metal welded closed tank, the volume of inlet pipe volume at least three times, the position of water tank installation should be as close to the water pump, water tank bottom high should also be slightly lower than the axis of the pump. The height of the vacuum tank is generally 2 times the diameter of the tank. 2, artificial filling water: do not set foot valve, check valve and piping shorter small pumping stations, also can use side start, aside from spread to the water pump outlet pipe inlet water filling method, to gradually out of the air in the pump and pipeline, general continuous water filling a few minutes later, the pump can be normal work of pumping. For small pumping station pressure pipe diameter less than 300 mm, in the import of feed line is equipped with the bottom valve, usually more commonly used artificial filling water, that is, from the upper part of the special filling water pump shell hole by water filling funnel ( Or an ordinary bottle) remove the bottle upside down Water filling. For small pumping station pressure pipe diameter less than 300 mm, in the import of feed line is equipped with the bottom valve, usually also can from the water pump outlet pipe ( Water piping shorter pump station) To pump the water filling. Due to the other without having to buy a water filling equipment, in the current rural small pumping stations, the water filling method is common. 3, since the suspension diversion water from suspended water filling water, is the difference in use of water and gas density with & other Water displacement & throughout; Principle. This method can remove the bottom valve of the pump. According to this method repeatedly, the air will be all rows, is filled with water in the inlet pipe. At this point, you can start the pump pumping operations. Before the downtime, as long as the closed gate first, then stop, water diversion will not sit back. Next time don't have to irrigation water diversion when starting. To design a suitable amount of containers in tank, for tank generally for plastic products, can also be used for thin sheet metal pieces, the cost is only half of the bottom valve. Is then placed in a tank in the water pump inlet place, with water pump, pipe to form a perfect. At the same time, on the change between the tank and pump for air port, the installation of a ventilation control valve. Water filling, advance to change tank filled with water, and then affix a seal, and open valve. Take a breath, closed in valve, there will be a part of the water diversion in the inlet pipe. The advantage of the water filling method is in lower gas prices, manufacturing easy, low labor intensity, saving the energy. 4, water diversion by filling water for the half submerged pump room ( The inlet pipe and pump on the top of the elevation of pump in the pump station) into the pool below the surface Can introduce water pump, water without artificial irrigation water diversion. The disadvantages of pump station is not make full use of the pump suction capacity, water pump installation elevation at the same time, reduce not only increases the excavated volume, but also relatively inconvenience of operation and management; But more apparent as well as advantages, which is easy to realize the automation of pumping stations, with a strong timeliness. 5, vacuum pump water diversion method: for inlet pipe diameter greater than 300 mm of medium and large pumping station, or a high degree of automation requirements of pumping station, the vacuum suction device is a common water filling equipment. It assembled by the vacuum pump and other equipment, irrigation and drainage pumping station often use most of the vacuum pump for water ring vacuum pump. 6, jet pump with diesel engine driven pump pumping water filling, can use diesel engine exhaust gas of flux into communion with the pump at the top of the jet apparatus, smoke gas filling water, to remove the bottom valve of the pump. In the pump starts, that will be linked together and handle cover closed, exhaust gas from jet device, through the pipe to suck out the air in the pump. After the water filling open the bonnet, valve closed. The benefits of a water filling method is made full use of engine, the second is to improve the efficiency of the pumping station.
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