Atlas screw vacuum pump in the blister workshop use what are the advantages? _

by:J&T     2020-05-15

yesterday we Chen Gong transformed a blister workshops, with GHS VSD + screw vacuum pump to replace the original rotary vane vacuum pump, a factory for a year to save electricity is 6. 70000 yuan, screw vacuum pump in blister workshop what are the obvious advantage, we look at together.

( 1) GHS730VSD + screw vacuum pump high efficiency and energy saving. Use atlas GA37 + oil screw vacuum water pump technology and the development of a new generation of energy-saving products, pumping speed of 11 kw power vacuum pump all over the world's largest;

( 2) Screw air compressor head vacuum pump with 13 kg load, while under the half vacuum light load operation, theory of life long up to 400000 hours ( Equivalent to 80) , 20 years without having to change the nose;

( 3) GHS730VSD + basic computer control system of screw pump, eliminating the rotary-vane vacuum water pump are additional installation trouble of the control system and fault;

( 4) Screw vacuum pump frequency conversion automatically adjust the vacuum degree and swept volume, vacuum pressure stability, reduce the production failure;

( 5) Atlas screw vacuum pump frequency conversion design, special save electricity under low load, slow running reducing wear life extension;

( 6) Screw vacuum pump of a complete set of computer automatic control system, can focus on spreading the machine automatic start-stop as required;

( 7) Screw like screw air compressor, vacuum pump maintenance workload is few, simple and convenient, reduces the rotary vane pump often need to repair the human cost;

( 8) Screw vacuum pump power supply system to reduce load, save the cable transformer switchgear investment;

is more than eight screw vacuum pump in blister industry advantage, we all know the atlas brand GHS VSD + series screw vacuum pump very high-end and energy saving, if you haven't modified client, can contact constant to project out of the vacuum pump project scheme of energy conservation and environmental protection!

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