Atlas GHS VSD + screw vacuum pump in the application of new energy industry _

by:J&T     2020-05-15

during the summer vacation, driving out to play will be blocked, like sunrise on Saturday to go to the beach, the car up stop-and-go. Go out to play, the day I found a car is very special, a light commercial vehicle, the car is not like a normal light truck as irregular idle dithering, very quiet. Only heard sweet music, and in the bridge across the visible fuyao glass, see the light truck driver calm smile. The car began to move slowly, then I see the rear of the visible - — 'Bicknell, pure electric vehicles'. Manufacturing industrial vacuum equipment manufacturing division north sales team, with just the month of 2018 bick new energy cars co. , LTD. Signed a two atlas, efficient variable frequency drive injection screw vacuum water pump on the sale of the contract.

as one of the most development potential of one of the independent new energy car production enterprises, the company based on electric car power system integrated skills as the core of the new energy car development, production and sale of vehicle production enterprises. Company committed to the development of electric cars and abilities of innovation, using the skills of the world's first lightweight body and its processing technology, efficient braking energy recovery system, security, energy-saving electric air conditioning system, the vehicle function verification, power battery thermal management system products and skills, such as the heart to build electric car products conforms to our country and the international market.

GHS VSD + screw vacuum pump reliability and efficiency can win

the camera back to the late autumn of 2016, zhengzhou atlas of manufacturing bick factory authorized agents found in practice to visit zhengzhou in liquid injection process using a domestic brand double rotary vane pump damage rate is very high, the vacuum degree of 50 - process requirements 100mBarA。 Agents with atlas north district sales manager manufacturing after consultation, to explore, to introduce the customer using the atlas GHS manufacturing the VSD + efficient variable frequency drive plan injection screw vacuum pump technology equipped with advance reform.

zhengzhou bick learned in atlas GHS manufacturing the VSD + vacuum water pump can be power costs fell 50%, and produces power can be greatly improved after, very heart. But the bick group headquarters in shenzhen, the headquarters has a vacuum pump right of purchase decision. At first, shenzhen bick headquarters in height were analyzed for two stage rotary vane pump damage rate after thought primary cause is the process of hydrofluoric acid, did not accept the screw vacuum pump promotion plan. However, round by round the skills of communication and the exchange, finally, in late 2017 to watch the lithium is located in dongguan, after the new, the customer witness atlas with a dozen Taiwan manufacturing series of GHS 730 VSD + using similar technology, bick headquarters in shenzhen and zhengzhou bick to atlas GHS manufacturing the VSD + reliability and high efficiency can be conquered. Through all the skills of the project admitted that zhengzhou bick resolution to pick two atlas GHS 1600 VSD + efficient manufacturing process equipped with variable frequency drive injection screw vacuum pump promotion transformation.

here's atlas GHS VSD + screw vacuum pump series, model parameter list:

GHS 1600 VSD + screw vacuum water pump to achieve a greater value

new energy co. , LTD. , zhengzhou bick two GHS 1600 VSD + efficient frequency conversion driving skills of screw vacuum pump oil is now at the end of March 2018 arrive customer site, and in May 2018 successfully completed boot, is now in the bak lithium battery production supply stable vacuum. Believe in the atlas after-sales service manufacturing team, under the care of GHS 1600 VSD + screw vacuum pump will play a big effect in zhengzhou bick, invented a greater value for customers.

review the atlas and the story of zhengzhou bick, manufacturing a trance, found the car oil jumped down a small case. In guilt and increased carbon emissions at the same time, I want to which day I also can be used on atlas GHS manufacturing the VSD + efficient variable frequency drive injection screw vacuum pump production of batteries, higher energy density of new energy vehicles. In reducing carbon emissions at the same time, also can reduce the cost of the travel. In 2017, new energy automobile production rose 53. 8% to 79. 40000, accounts for the total output of all vehicles 2901. The 2, 540000. 74%. On the other side also see new energy automobile growth potential.

car battery pack is also from the use of the atlas of the vacuum pump manufacturing production lines. Atlas screw vacuum pump is widely used in new energy, CNC, electronic, metal, rubber and plastic, medical liao, refrigeration and other industries, and believe that there will be more and more organic lithium battery factory using atlas on the star products of the manufacturing GHS efficient variable frequency drive injection screw vacuum pump products.

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