Applications - scientific research colleges and universities of rotary-vane vacuum pump equipment

by:J&T     2020-05-24

vacuum technology promote the progress of the scientific research. Scientific research colleges and universities feel like a profound and mysterious. In fact, it is a scientific research colleges and universities. Someone asks, what is science? It usually refers to using scientific research methods and equipment, in order to understand the intrinsic nature of the objective things and motion law, so as to research, experiment, trial production to provide a series of activities, such as to provide theoretical basis for creating new things. The basic task of scientific research is to explore and recognize the unknown. Why say rotary-vane vacuum pump application is of great significance in scientific research colleges and universities? Believes that many users don't know about this aspect, so small make up will give you a simple analysis, and hopes to give the user more impressive.

vacuum technology has been increasingly penetrated into all areas of industrial production and the development of modern science and has become the national defense, national economy and electronic, metallurgy, machinery, food, chemical, semiconductor, temperature technology, atomic energy and aerospace. A new technology.

a vacuum technology application, can produce a pressure difference and it can work.

2, improve insulation and electric insulation performance.

three, use vacuum to remove atmospheric gas.

4, extended particle flight path.

5, reduce the impact of harmful gases.

6, help materials degassing effect.

7, simulated space environment.

scientific research type

1. Exploratory research. For research object, or issue a preliminary understanding, in order to obtain a preliminary impression and perceptual knowledge, and to provide the foundation for further in-depth research and direction in the future.

2。 Descriptive research. Correctly describe some people or some phenomenon characteristics or the overall situation of the research, the task is to collect data, found, provide information and description of the main rules and characteristics.

3。 Interpreting research. To explore the causal relationship between certain assumptions and conditions factors, explore the reasons behind the phenomenon, and reveal the inherent law phenomenon or changes.

why our company specializes in writing about vacuum technology, and to promote the progress of scientific research?

it is because some time ago, a foreign vacuum technology company has developed a large hadron collider accelerator and other tests required special vacuum system, and the development and production of the two special vacuum pump is dedicated to the probe system. In these devices, with the help of science and technology center found traces of looking for a long time the god particle, a finding that could to solve many unanswered questions in particle physics are of great help.

due to the news, developers want to contribute to the scientific research colleges and universities.

expand the application analysis of the rotary vane vacuum pump in the scientific research colleges and universities, and to understand the working principle and structure of the rotary vane vacuum pump.

rotary vane vacuum pump working pressure range is 101325 - 1. 33 × 10- 2 ( Pa) , belongs to the low vacuum pump. It can be used alone, also can be used for other backing pump of high vacuum or ultra high vacuum pump. It has been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, military industry, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, oil and medicine production and scientific research institutions.

rotary vane water pump is mainly composed of pump body, rotor, vane, plate, springs, etc. Rotor is eccentric installed in rotary vane pump cavity in the body, the cylindrical rotor and the pump cavity surface tangent ( A small gap between) With spring, and the two rotor is installed in the rotor cavity. Rotor slot. In the process of rotation, the top of the rotor blades by centrifugal force and the spring tension to keep contact with the inner wall of the water pump housing, and rotate to drive the rotor blade slide along the lining of the pump cavity.

rotary vane vacuum pump to remove the dry gas in the sealed container. If installed air device, it can also remove a certain amount of condensable gases. However, it does not apply to take out high oxygen content, corrosive to metal, chemical reaction of gas and dust sucker. Rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the most basic of vacuum to obtain equipment in vacuum technology. Rotary vane pump is mainly small and medium-sized pump. Rotary vane vacuum water pump, which has two kinds of single stage and double stage.

reading this chapter, the basic oil pump can also be read inspection, maintenance and heavy matters needing attention.

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